Klaus Schwab doesn’t want you to know the real reason for his abrupt departure

Unlike Las Vegas, what happens in Davos doesn’t stay in Davos.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a collection of the most powerful green globalists – and what they talk about in Switzerland each January trickles down to universities and leftist politicians and eventually becomes woke policies and laws.

And now the long-time WEF Chairman, Klaus Schwab doesn’t want you to know the real reason for his recent abrupt departure.

A changing of the green globalist guard

One of the most powerful and influential men in the world, Klaus Schwab shocked metropolitan elitists across the globe back in late May when he suddenly resigned as Chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

The left-wing outlet Semafor – run by former Buzzfeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith – broke the story that Schwab e-mailed WEF staff to inform them he was stepping down from his post.
In the email, Schwab detailed that pending approval from the Swiss government, he will move to the role of “non-executive chairman.”

According to the Semafor report, the WEF executive board is taking the helm of the globalist group until a new chairman is in place.

“Under the leadership of President Børge Brende, has taken full executive responsibility,” Schwab said of the action, according to the report.

Lacking from the report were any reasons for the abrupt change in WEF leadership.

However, some new accusations out of Davos might be shedding some light on Schwab’s sudden decision.

Leftists collide: WEF vs. #MeToo

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Schwab is facing sexual harassment charges from by multiple female employees.

The WSJ report also outlines accusations of Schwab creating a “hostile working environment.”

Several women who worked for Schwab at WEF have complained about their boss’ “suggestive comments, inappropriate behavior, and tone of sexualization and objectification.”

“I knew he liked me, and I knew he found me pretty,” said former WEF staffer Mryiam Boussina. “Every man with a lot of power, they think that they can get any woman and they are not ashamed.”

Other women complained of a corporate culture set by Schwab at WEF that focused on sex.

“There was a lot of pressure to be good-looking and wear tight dresses,” an anonymous WEF female employee said. “Never in my career have I experienced looks being such an important topic as in the Forum.”

Schwab is also accused of firing multiple women after learning they were pregnant.

However, despite how curious the timing of his resignation is ahead of these claims, the former WEF Chair is denying the allegations.

“Mr. Schwab does not and has never engaged in the vulgar behaviors (WSJ) describe,” a Forum spokesman said.

Schwab’s radical legacy as Chair of the WEF

Klaus Schwab is the son of a Nazi contractor. He went on to become a mechanical engineer and economist. And as the chairman of the WEF, he’s been responsible for spearheading some of the most radical movements in the world.

Political leaders, both Democrat and RINO use what they learn from the WEF each January in Davos, Switzerland to shape their policy agenda.

In fact, President Joe Biden seemingly lifted his supposed “Build Back Better” plan and messaging directly from the WEF.

The WEF wants to remove all property rights, end personal vehicles and replace meat with insect paste.

And this past year, Schwab even opened the door for artificial intelligence to replace human voting.

“So, technology now, and digital technology, mainly have an analytical power,” Schwab said. “Now, we go into predictive power, and we have seen the first examples. But then the next step could be to go into prescriptive mode, which means you do not even have to have elections anymore because you can already predict. And afterward, you can say, why do we need elections? Because we know what the result will be.”

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