Kid Rock and Jason Aldean just triggered leftists yet again with one huge announcement

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The Left has dominated the entertainment space for decades.

That’s one of the big reasons for the left-ward lurch in western culture.

But now Kid Rock and Jason Aldean have just triggered leftists yet again with one huge announcement.

The radical Left no longer has a stranglehold on popular music.

With each passing week, it seems, a new musician is bursting on the scene with a new song that is catching the imagination of the Right.

Two years ago former Staind frontman Aaron Lewis, moved conservatives from coast-to-coast with his massive hit with Am I the Only One.

This year it was the blue-collar “every man” from rural Virginia, Oliver Anthony who grabbed the imagination of the country with his ballad, Rich Men North of Richmond.

Former American Idol finalist Danny Gokey has released an album full of patriotic songs.

Tom MacDonald has earned a reputation as one of the top rappers in the country with his anti-woke raps.

Buddy Brown has become the Right’s version of a country-singing Weird Al Yankovic.

And new stars like Struggle Jennings and Caitlyn Curtis, have burst onto the scene with powerful ballads about traditional family values.

The list goes on and on.

Rocking the country

But now, the who’s who of anti-woke music are coming together for a concert tour all across the country.

Kid Rock and Jason Aldean are headlining the tour, aptly titled, Rock the Country.

“Hey America, if you haven’t already heard, this summer me and some rowdy friends are hitting the backroads and bringing the party to small towns across the country,” Kid Rock tweeted. “Can’t wait to bring you Rock the Country. A music festival like no other for hard working folks who love this country!”

Kid Rock is an outspoken Donald Trump supporter who unofficially launched the boycott on Anheuser-Busch by blowing up cases of Bud Light with his automatic rifle.

Aldean sent the so-called “social justice warriors” on social media into full meltdown mode with his song Try That in a Small Town.

But the two music industry giants won’t be alone on the tour.

They’ll be joined by other well-known conservative acts like John Rich’s Big & Rich, Travis Tritt, Miranda Lambert, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hank Williams Jr., Gretchen Wilson, Nelly, Uncle Kracker, and many more.

Staying true to the theme of Aldean’s latest hit, the tour will be visiting small cities in red states.

The tour will be making seven stops throughout the spring and summer of 2024, including: Gonzalez, Louisiana; Ashland, Kentucky; Rome, Georgia; Ocala, Florida; Mobile, Alabama; Poplar Bluff, Missouri; and Anderson, South Carolina.

Presale tickets went on sale today.

Rocking the 2024 vote

Reaction to the announcement has been largely positive, with most commenters either announcing their intentions to go to a show or suggesting a tour date be added near them.
Of course, plenty on the Left are freaking out about the concert.

Responses like the one above are typical of the woke radicals coping with conservatives having an event they can enjoy without Left-wing indoctrination.

However, the Right isn’t looking to just have fun with the tour.

One of the most successful organizers on the right, Scott Presler is already planning on registering voters for the 2024 election at the concerts.

“If there is any opportunity to do voter registration at any of these festivals, please let me know,” Presler asked Kid Rock on Twitter. I will provide my own volunteers and we won’t push politics. We simply want to make sure all of your fans are registered to vote at their current address.”

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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