Key battleground state Republican Senate candidate revealed one shocking truth about the 2020 election

One of the gravest sins to the Democrats is questioning the presidential election in 2020.

They swear it was the most secure election of all time.

But a key battleground state Republican Senate candidate revealed one shocking truth about the 2020 election.

The 2020 election was not the most secure in history.

Conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza made a compelling argument in the new film 2,000 Mules that enough illegal votes were cast to swing the election to Joe Biden, but the problem runs deeper than that.

The corporate-controlled press and Big Tech are much more powerful than an alleged ballot box-stuffing operation, a point that Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters is attempting to drive home.

Masters, who comes from the tech world and is endorsed by Republican tech billionaire Peter Thiel, understands the influence companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook have.

During an interview, Masters said, “I think we let Google swing the 2020 presidential election, I’ll say that…Most people in the U.S. Senate don’t understand how technology works like I do. They don’t care. They don’t know how bad these companies are. Well, I do. So I’m going to use that background that I have to go in and find a way to meaningfully restrain these companies and make them behave…Twitter is by far the most ideological. They’re the most crazy left wing. But they’re also, while powerful, probably less powerful than Facebook and Google.”

Masters is correct about Twitter’s ideological bent.

An undercover journalist for Project Veritas caught a Twitter senior engineer saying on camera that the company is “commie as f*ck.”

Twitter has a clear left-wing bias, and it allows them to shape the political discourse because blue-checkmark journalists trawl the platform for stories to signal-boost and turn into a national crisis.

Masters continued, “The harder problem will be to restrain Google because…if they just subtly tweak their search engine algorithms—they have a complete monopoly on the U.S. search engine market. If they’re subtle enough, they could boost Biden content, suppress Trump content in the weeks preceding the 2020 election, and boom that’s a rigged election. You know, I can’t prove that they did that, but come on. They’re clever people. They’ve got the motive. They’ve got the opportunity, so we’ve got to find a way to convene an investigative team to go in there. We’re going to forcefully embed a team of software engineers — I’ll personally oversee them in the senate — and we’re going to make sure Google isn’t rigging the election weeks before anybody votes.”

Google’s algorithmic manipulation is a very real thing.

For example, during the week of Pride Month—which runs all of June—Google-searching the word “pride” would trigger a screen display of confetti and a pride parade marching by.

The company’s algorithm is a black box, so there’s no telling how intricate it is at suppressing information.

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