Karine Jean-Pierre will have no problem with this one mind-melting Joe Biden statement

Barack Obama famously said of Joe Biden, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f–k things up.”

That might at least explain part of the glass-ceiling-breakingest White House Press Secretary of all time’s troubles doing her job.

But Karine Jean-Pierre will have no problem with this one mind-melting statement

Not a week goes by without some kind of gaff or blunder from President Joe Biden. 

In less than two years as President of the United State, Joe Biden has played the part of an averrable gaffe machine. 

When he’s not aimlessly walking around looking for a hand to shake, he’s reading non-verbal prompts in the teleprompter. 

When he’s not telling Americans they must honor the holocaust, he’s saying he has cancer instead of asthma. 

On the off chance he’s able to actually finish a sentence, he’s likely to confuse the people of Ukraine with Iranians. 

It even appears to be infectious, as both his wife and his White House Press Secretary have had more than their fair share of embarrassing flubs. 

However, oftentimes, inaccuracies spewed by President Biden and his administration aren’t innocent accidents, but deliberate acts of deceit. 

He’s spent years lying to American workers about inflation. 

His administration has changed the definition of “recession.”

He has lied and said he wasn’t directing his hatchet men from Merrick Garland, to Jen Psaki, to everyone in between to collude with Big Tech to muzzle conservatives and worse. 

The record of the Biden administration’s lies is far too long to catalog in one place. 

And lying isn’t a new thing from this President, he’s been doing it at a pathological level for decades. 

In Biden’s latest bizarre moment, voters are left to decide, was this another lie, or was it his dementia showing? 

Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Mandela Barnes is a radically Leftist, as his time as Lt. Governor of Wisconsin for Tony Evers has proven. 

However, Barnes decided it was best for his 2022 election prospects not to be seen campaigning with the President of the United States and his low approval numbers in the Badger State. 

But that didn’t stop Biden from making a stop in Milwaukee for “Laborfest” over Labor Day weekend. 

Well on the stage, the President had yet another scary moment. 

During his embarrassingly low-turnout event, his hands started shaking uncontrollably and the Commander-in-Chief started screaming. 

“Bless me Father for I have sinned, come on man,” Biden said before seemingly flipping a switch. “Not this year! We beat Pharma this year! We beat Pharma this year and it mattered! We’re gonna change people’s lives! We finally beat Pharma!

He was referring to his so-called, “Inflation Reduction Act,” that had some provisions in there that Democrats claim will allow negotiations to bring down medicine prices – several years from now. 

However, while taking the supposed victory lap, Biden either forgot, or wants you to forget, he’s spent his entire Presidency in bed with Big Pharma. 

President Biden mandated COVID-19 vaccines made and supplied by three of the largest pharmaceutical giants in the industry. 

Along with government-sector mandates, the Biden administration launched a national campaign to convince every American to take the vax jab. 

Even late night “comedy” hosts like Stephen Colbert got in on the action. 

Back in May of this year, Pfizer told investors that it expects to make more than $50-billion off its COVID-19 medicines this year. 

That’s after accruing $37-billion last year. 

And that’s just Pfizer, now add to that the record profits for Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. 

Does that sound like Biden beating Big Pharma to you?

You decide, blatant lie, or dementia moment. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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