Karine Jean-Pierre is about to explain this questionable move to a judge

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Since day one on the job, Joe Biden’s Press Secretary has struggled mightily to do her job.

Now she’s getting called out for allegations she overtly violated a sacred tenet.

And Karine Jean-Pierre is about to explain this questionable move to a judge.

The Biden regime is under fire over its tendency to shut down any member of the press who insists on asking real questions.

Ironically, despite the regime’s tendency to play the race card whenever convenient, it didn’t even hesitate when it came to cutting off access to Simon Ateba—the correspondent for Today News Africa.

Ateba’s legal team filed a lawsuit against Jean-Pierre, the Secret Service, and the Director of the Secret Service Kimberly Cheatle.

In a legal filing that was submitted on August 10, Ateba’s attorney raked the Biden administration over the coals.

“‘The press’ does not just include a small class of elite journalists, credentialed by one another. The First Amendment’s guarantees protect the public’s right to engage in constitutionally protected press activity. Indeed, the ‘inclusion of the words “the press” in the First Amendment does not confer upon [journalists] a title of nobility.’”

400 for 1

In an op-ed published in Editor and Publisher Bloomberg’s Stephen Carter explained that by suddenly creating new “hard pass” requirements for every member of the White House Press Corp, “the White House appears to have revoked credentials for 400 reporters to bar just one.”

“That wasn’t necessary,” Carter added.

It seems the White House’s objection to Ateba is based on him being “disruptive.”

However, Ateba insists it’s his “viewpoint” that Jean-Pierre and the Biden administration can’t stand.

“While Mr. Ateba has garnered national attention for his approach, he simply wants to do his job,” his legal team explained in the court filing. “To do this, he must be treated like any other correspondent—which includes having access to the White House and an open dialogue with the White House Press Office.”

The filing went on to point out that “the White House has made clear it does not intend to treat Mr. Ateba like his colleagues. Quite the opposite: the White House Press Office recently revised its credentialing criteria for a media ‘hard pass’ this past May in a brazen attempt to exclude Mr. Ateba from the White House briefing room. As of August 1, 2023, over 440 previously credentialed White House reporters no longer have ‘hard pass’ access to the White House media facilities under the new requirements.”

Courts can work on conservative’s side too – and a journalist who immigrated from Africa wants to show the way

The journalist’s legal team asserts that the rule was created specifically to silence their client and ensure the administration no longer has to deal with “him or his questions.”

“While other reporters were affected by the revisions, excluding Mr. Ateba was the primary objective because the White House no longer wanted to deal with him or his questions.,” Ateba’s team insisted.

And while their client is apparently the focal point of this radical new rule, the attorneys pointed out that the Biden Regime’s behavior is a clear threat to the entire profession.

“Targeted changes to hard-pass credentialing qualifications to exclude specific journalists is troubling by itself, but the new credentialing criteria the White House adopted also raise grave First Amendment concerns for reporters generally.”

Karine Jean-Pierre and friends thought they’d finally outsmarted the one journalist who was a special thorn in their side, but now they’ll soon find themselves forced to answer his questions under oath.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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