Karine Jean-Pierre admitted the Biden family could be cooked after one shocking behind-the-scenes shakeup

Photo by The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia

Joe Biden is still reeling after his horrid debate against Donald Trump.

His performance has started a civil war within the Democrat Party.

And now Karine Jean-Pierre has admitted the Biden family could be cooked after this shocking behind-the-scenes shakeup.

Lie exposed

Democrats and their media allies had been lying for years about Joe Biden’s mental acuity.

It was clear to anyone with eyes and ears that Biden has been losing cognitive function rapidly since 2020.

The lie that Biden is “sharp as a tack” behind closed doors exploded on live television when he stumbled in his debate against Donald Trump.

Biden’s performance was so bad that Democrat Party elites are split on whether or not he should stay at the top of the ticket for 2024.

Reports are that Team Biden is closing ranks and limiting access to the President.

Jill Biden has been stage-managing her husband, and now apparently Hunter Biden is sitting in on meetings.

Hunter Biden’s expanded role

President Biden has sworn up and down that his son’s business dealings have been completely independent of him, but now Hunter is literally sitting in on Presidential briefings.

NBC News reported that “Hunter Biden has joined meetings with President Joe Biden and his top aides since his father returned to the White House from Camp David, Maryland. . .The president’s son has also been talking to senior White House staff members. . .While he is regularly at the White House residence and events, it is unusual for Hunter Biden to be in and around meetings his father is having with his team, these people said. They said the president’s aides were struck by his presence during their discussions.”

Hunter Biden, recently convicted on federal gun charges and also facing federal tax charges, is now in the inner sanctum of the administration’s decision-making.

Hunter’s presence, especially at this critical juncture, suggests that Joe Biden’s ties to his son’s overseas business probably deserves a second look.

There is no other justification for Hunter sitting in on meetings if his affairs are completely independent of his father.

A reporter asked White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, “Why is the president’s son involved?”

She responded, “So, a couple of things.  I do — I saw that reporting as I was coming out. So, a couple of things there. Look, the president, as you know, is very close to his family. This is a holiday week, Fourth of July.  He spent time with his family, as you all know and reported, at Camp David. Hunter came back with him and walked with him into — into — into that meeting — that prep — that speech prep.”

So he just randomly walked into a speech prep meeting.

The reporter followed up, “[I]s he participating in meetings with senior advisers?”

Jean-Pierre answered, “What I can say is that he came back with his dad from Camp David, he walked him into the speech prep, and he was in the room. That, I can tell you: He was in the room. Anything else coming out of that reporting, I can’t speak to.  But I can say that, you know, he’s close to his family, which is not unusual.”

The administration is clearly trying to downplay Hunter’s increased role, especially considering he was recently found guilty on gun charges.

The optics are terrible for the Biden campaign.

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