Kari Lake said two words that proved Democrats’ “Ministry of Truth” pause is over

The Midterms are around the corner.

So Democrats aren’t playing around.

And Kari Lake said two words that proved Democrats’ “Ministry of Truth” pause is over.

Just like Facebook and Twitter, YouTube is becoming infamous for censoring speech that doesn’t fit the radical Left-wing narrative. 

YouTube has become notorious for using its vague terms of service to silence conservative creators. 

And now, YouTube is going the next step, handing out suspensions for political speech by GOP nominees for elected office. 

As such, YouTube Chief Executive Officer Susan Wojcicki has had Comedian Steven Crowder’s channel in her crosshairs for years. 

Back in 2019, after Wojcicki admitted Crowder broke no YouTube rules while mocking a Vox “reporter,” she changed YouTube’s policies to retroactively punish Crowder by pulling his ability to monetize his channel. 

What has become known as the “YouTube Vox Adpocalypse” ended up lightening the wallets of many other conservative commentators on the platform as well. 

Since then, Crowder has been suspended from the site multiple times, always refusing to back down and comply with the woke Left. 

In fact, he reportedly keeps a lawyer on retainer to fight back against unwarranted strikes and suspensions. 

Last week Crowder was suspended again – and this time it was for something he didn’t even say. 

YouTube smacked the conservative comedian with a two-week banishment from live-streaming, the punishment was later reduced to just a single week.  

But the platform also pulled down the episode in question, which featured Republican candidate for Arizona Governor Kari Lake. 

Lake made a lot of bold statements in the interview, but it was her questioning the results of the 2020 election that had the social justice warriors at YouTube racing for the “cancel” button. 

You can watch the full interview in the Rumble video above – Lake’s portion of the episode begins at timestamp 54:17. 

“People want someone who is going to push back against this, I believe, illegitimate federal government with Joe Biden in charge,” Lake said. 

Crowder gave Lake a chance to clarify her statement if she wanted, but the momma bear takes no prisoners. 

“I don’t believe Joe Biden won the (2020) election,” Lake said. “We had problems with the 2020 election, I’ve talked about that, they’ve criticized me for that. But I’ve looked at the facts. I’ve gone over our (Arizona’s) forensic audit. I’ve looked over all kinds of evidence, and we had a botched, corrupt election in Arizona, and in many other states. This is why it’s really important we do look at our elections. It’s one of my top issues, to reform our elections here in Arizona. I want to make sure we have honest elections.”

Lake’s response drew a round of applause from Crowder and his team. 

Never one to back down from a fight, Crowder had Lake on again to discuss YouTube suspending him over her comments. 

Lake was appalled that her words resulted in Louder with Crowder being removed from the platform, and the financial burden that could have put on his business – had he already not been demonetized. 

The Trump-endorsed candidate said that the incident has opened her eyes to another issue she wants to take on if she’s elected the governor of the Grand Canyon State this November. 

“I’m going to do what Gov. DeSantis did,” Lake said. “You’re not going to take people’s freedom of speech in Arizona.” 

Lake is referring to a Florida bill, pushed by America’s Governor, that protects candidates for elected office, media outlets and others from unfair and arbitrary discrimination on social media by hitting the company with heavy fines per offense. 

She added that staff at social media conglomerates have to censor conservative speech, because they know MAGA candidates have winning ideas that voters will relate to. 

“They’ve taken down interviews we’ve done with OAN and other networks,” Lake added. “I’ve had a lot of things taken down. I even told my staff, ‘Let’s just get off of YouTube altogether, I don’t want to deal with that company’. They’re un-American and I won’t sit here and have my rights taken away and deal with these people.”  

YouTube never seems to ban the channels for the so-called “journalists” at The New York Times or other leftist outlets.

Free speech, especially political speech, should be sacrosanct.  

But Big Tech doesn’t believe in that at all.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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