Kari Lake blitzed the NFL about threat to cancel the Super Bowl

There is perhaps no brighter rising political newcomer coming out of the 2022 election cycle than Kari Lake. 

Win lose or draw, the former journalist is making a name for herself with tough talk and even tougher action. 

Now, Lake is stepping toe to toe with the NFL about threats to cancel the Super Bowl.

A woke storm is developing for another major US sports league to cancel a premier event over politics.

The yet-to-be-made-official threat has precedent, following Major League Baseball yanked last year’s All-Star Game  from Georgia over the state passing a VoterID law.

Now rumors are circulating that the NFL should pull the Super Bowl from Arizona.

Kari Lake is having none of that.

The momma bear of the MAGA movement 

Desperate Democrats are twisting Republican Arizona Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s words in a last-ditch effort to save Katie Hobbs’ struggling campaign. 

Since current Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has flat-out refused to debate the momma bear of the MAGA movement, Lake has resorted to host “Ask Me Anything,” event across the Grand Canyon State and is taking as many media interviews as possible. 

During one recent interview, Lake was asked a hypothetical question about the NFL potentially moving an upcoming Super Bowl out of Arizona should Lake be elected. 

The question is not without merit. 

The No Fun League’s woke agenda  

The NFL has come down in recent years firmly on the woke side of the political aisle. 

They’ve lost fans while supporting players kneeling for the National Anthem, disrespecting police and the military, and played into Dr. Fauci’s COIVD paranoia with strict regulations. 

That’s just to name a few examples. 

And it’s not like the NFL hasn’t punished a state in the past for political reasons. 

In fact, they’ve already once revoked a Super Bowl from football fans in the Grand Canyon State. 

Back in 1991, NFL owners voted to take the 1993 Super Bowl out of its scheduled home of Arizona. 


Because voters in the state didn’t want to pay government employees to stay at home on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 

So, instead, the big game was moved to Los Angeles, where being paid to not work is the norm. 

Meanwhile, Major League Baseball moved their All-Star Game out of Atlanta last year, after Georgia passed election integrity legislation that Democrats complained was “Jim Crow 2.0.”

Election turnout in the Peach State has actually increased since the supposed “voter suppression” law was implemented. 

Kari Lake vs. NFL 

As for Lake, she says she’s not taking her marching orders from a woke sports league, no matter the cost.

“You want to tell me that a bunch of football teams owned by billionaires are okay with fentanyl pouring across our border at record level, killing our young people,” Lake said when asked if the NFL might punish the state if she’s elected governor over her hardline border security stance. “Number one killer right now is fentanyl. 18-45. It’s killing a generation of people. If the NFL is okay with that then they’ve got to do some soul searching. I don’t think the NFL is that stupid. I really don’t. We want to make sure we’re stopping the cartels…I’m not going to be taking marching orders from the NFL. I’m taking marching orders from the people of Arizona, who are tired of their children getting their hands on the most deadly drug this country has ever seen…I am a mama bear at heart and I will fight and tooth nail to protect our children. I don’t want to face another parent who has lost a 17-year-old son, a 19-year-old daughter, a 20-year-old daughter. We are losing our future, Mike. So, if the NFL has a problem with that, they are going to have lick their wounds because we are going to secure our border in Arizona.”

While Democrats are jumping at the chance to attack Lake for her answer, many of their Big Media pals’ headlines are twisting Lake’s words and suggesting she threatened to “cancel the Super Bowl.” 

Chances are, Hobbs is cutting a political ad suggesting just that, right now. 

The truth is, Lake’s tough talk is setting up a political game of chicken with the league – and it could potentially be what keeps the money-making game in her state. 

Lake has really surged since Hobbs declared she was breaking with 20-years of state tradition and refusing to debate. 

The America First candidate now holds a 1.4-point lead in the RealClearPolitics average over her far-Left opponent. 

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