Kamala Harris just said three words that have all hell breaking loose

The Left is great at weaponizing anything to use against those they don’t like.

It’s one of the few areas that the national punchline of a Vice President Kamala Harris even has skills.

And Kamala Harris just said three words that have all hell breaking loose.

It is easy to laugh at the gaffes and world salad Vice President Kamala Harris spews on a nearly daily basis. 

However, the most dangerous things to come out of the Veep’s mouth are when she actually says what she means. 

Should communities of color get disaster funds first? 

The south east section of the United States has been ravaged by Hurricane Ian. 

Several Governors declared states of emergency. 

With that comes money from the government to hopefully help the people who have suffered from the natural disaster. 

And as you can see in the video below, Vice President Kamala Harris – in her own words – believes that money should go to poor communities and communities of color, rather than dispersed based on damages. 

It’s a jaw-dropping encapsulation of how leftists never really want to give to “each according to his need” as the Karl Marx slogan about other peoples’ money goes.

Instead they want to give to preferred groups and party insiders.

The Vice President made her staggering comments at a Democratic National Committee event when asked about the White House’s efforts to aid in natural disasters in the US and abroad.

“It is our lowest-income communities and our communities of color that are most impacted by these extreme conditions and impacted by issues that are not of their own making,” Harris said. “So, we have to address this in a way that is about giving resources based on equity.”

Then, with a sinister smile, Harris added that it’s not enough to fight for equal opportunities. 

“Understanding that we fight for equality, but we also need to fight for equity; understanding that not everyone starts out at the same place,” Harris said. “And if we want people to be in an equal place, sometimes we have to take into account those disparities and do that work.”

As Harris received flack for her statement, the so-called “fact checkers” in the corporate-controlled media rushed to her defense. 

Fact checking the fact checkers 

Nothing to see here, don’t believe your lying eyes and ears – she didn’t actually say federal emergency funds should be prioritized to communities of color. 

PolitiFact ran with a line straight from the White House press team saying the “shortened, out-of-context” clip of Harris was being used “to make it seem as if Harris said federal storm relief would be based solely on race and equity.”

No, not solely, no one said that – but she did say they’re the most impacted by “these extreme conditions.” 

It would be one thing if conservatives had a free and open media to demonstrate how supposed “fact checkers” like PolitiFact run cover for Democrat politicians. 

However, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all use these fact checkers to flag, suppress and even ban comments that run counter to what PolitiFact says. 

When Democrats and their gatekeepers in Silicon Valley don’t like people sharing something enough – like the Hunter Biden laptop story – it can lead to strikes or even lockouts and bans for users’ social media accounts.

So-called “fact checks” paint the target for online censorship 

It’s all done under the guise of saying a user violated “misinformation” policies. 

It doesn’t always rise to the level of bans. 

Often the censorship is softer.  For example if you share the video of Harris’ comment and say she wants to prioritize federal disaster funds to communities of color, Facebook or YouTube might only add a flag to your post calling it “misinformation” with a link to what PolitiFact wrote. 

If a story or an account is troubling enough they might pull the video, or give you a misinformation strike on the account to build a file for an eventual ban. 

Whatever the case, the marriage between Big Tech and authoritarians in the Democrat Party often turns the untrue into “reality” and the true into the unheard.   

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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