Kamala Harris just said something in Germany that made Liz Cheney’s heart melt

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

A dangerous game is playing out over Eastern Europe.

And it may have just escalated massively.

Because Kamala Harris just said something in Germany that made Liz Cheney’s heart melt.

Joe Biden and his administration seem determined to ratchet up tensions with a country that has thousands of nuclear weapons.

The Biden administration has thwarted every effort for a resolution in the war between Ukraine and Russia.

Even though Ukraine is not officially in NATO, NATO forces, led by the United States, are essentially quarterbacking the war.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was dissuaded to seek an agreement with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the situation appears to be devolving.

During a speech at a security conference in Munich, Germany, Vice President Kamala Harris accused Russia of “crimes against humanity.”

Harris told the room, “The United States has formally determined that Russia has committed crimes against humanity. And I say to all those who have perpetrated these crimes and to their superiors who are complicit in these crimes: You will be held to account.”

The line drew wild applause from the crowd.

Paypal founder asks an important question

Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur David Sacks, who has been critical of Biden’s foreign policy vis-à-vis the war in Ukraine, pondered, “How can the White House seek a negotiated end to the war after this? How can it do anything but escalate?”

Sacks raises a valid point as many say the Biden administration is providing no offramp to heightened tensions.

NATO assured Russia it would not extend eastward, but that is exactly what happened over the previous 20 years.

That is no justification for Putin invading Ukraine, but experts say it provides context into his thinking around the war.

Russia sees NATO expanding to its border as a red line.

There was a possibility of reaching a peace agreement after Putin took pro-Russian regions of Eastern Ukraine, but now regime change in Russia appears to be the priority for the Biden administration.

During a 2022 speech in Poland, Biden declared, “For god sake, this man [Putin] cannot remain in power.”

The speech was one neocons like Liz Cheney loved.

And while the Biden administration walked it back at the time, regime change, or at minimum a protracted war, nevertheless still seem to be a primary objective within the administration.

Harris’s charge of crimes against humanity seems to further solidify that argument.

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