Kamala Harris just made this infuriating move to shut down her critics

Kamala Harris has turned into a national punchline. 

She’s furious at the constant criticism.

And she just made this infuriating move to shut down her critics.

The country has gone down the tubes since Kamala Harris took office with Joe Biden.

Everything’s gone wrong with a never-ending string of disasters from their failed leadership.

They’ve given up trying to defend their disastrous regime and are instead turning to silencing their critics.

The federal government has been weaponized to target their political opponents.

Parents protesting Marxist indoctrination in schools were labeled as domestic terrorist and had the Justice Department sicced on them.

Then the Biden administration and Democrats stood up the Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board – an Orwellian attempt to establish a Ministry of Truth to silence online critics of the regime.

After a botched roll out and outcry from conservatives, the Board was paused.

Now, another attempt to police online speech is being rolled out that will be led by Kamala Harris.

Biden signed a Presidential Memorandum creating a White House Task Force to Address Online Harassment and Abuse.

The group will target “online harms” that the White House memo claims “disproportionately affect women, girls, people of color, and LGBTQI+ individuals.”

In announcing Harris as the Task Force head, the White House praised her for being a longtime “champion of addressing online harassment and abuse throughout her career.”

The flimsy justification given for starting the Task Force is that mass shootings “underscored the connections between online harassment, hate, misogyny, and extremist acts.”

Like prior Biden online censorship efforts, this new group will be focused on fighting supposed “disinformation,”  specifically “gendered disinformation.”

Disinformation has become the Left’s catchall for speech they don’t like.  

When Democrat political elites label anything with the term, it paints the target for ruthless Big Tech censorship.

Harris is charged with “developing programs and policies to address online harassment, abuse, and disinformation campaigns targeting women and LGBTQI+ individuals who are public and political figures, government and civic leaders, activists, and journalists in the United States and globally.”

Similar to the supposedly paused Disinformation Governance Board, this group wants to snoop on Americans by scooping up vast quantities of online information.

Other members of the Task Force include Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Attorney General Merrick Garland, who haven’t shied away from using the power of government to target conservatives.

The Disinformation Governance Board fell into public disgrace over the antics of the activists tapped to head it – Nina Jancowicz.  

But now the Biden administration is effectively spooling  it up again with this latest effort to police online speech, namely that aimed against critics of Harris or any other female Democrat.

Harris and Biden can’t defend the disaster their regime has turned into so they’ve turned to silencing their critics.

Instead of just blaming Russia, they’re now trying to hide behind supposed misogyny to justify their censorship efforts as well.

Harris, who’s polling as the least popular Vice President in modern history, can now target critics of her numerous failures.

Instead of trying to fix the problems facing the country, they’ve doubled down on censorship.

The only bit of silver lining for conservatives in Harris being named to head the White House censorship effort, is that she has botched every high-profile task given to her, like that of border czar.

Nevertheless, the move makes it clear the Biden regime is hell bent on silencing anyone who opposes their radical agenda. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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