Kamala Harris is furious over how Joe Biden’s Ministry of Truth leader is using her name

Joe Biden’s Ministry of Truth is ripped from the pages of George Orwell’s 1984.

The political hack he put in charge of it is even more terrifying than previously imagined.

And now, Kamala Harris even has a reason to be furious at Joe Biden’s Ministry of Truth leader.

 Joe Biden’s Ministry of Truth leader was exposed making this shocking call for censorship. 

And this time, the Vice President is involved.

Joe Biden launched an unprecedented state-sponsored attack on free speech with the creation of the Governance Disinformation Board.

Dubbed “The Ministry of Truth,” it’s housed in the Department of Homeland Security where it’s tasked with fighting “misinformation.”

Misinformation is the new liberal buzzword to target conservative speech they don’t like and want shut down.

Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop from hell was called “Russian misinformation” which launched a corporate-controlled media smear campaign and sent Big Tech’s censors after it.

Now, Joe wants to use this playbook against conservative speech across the internet.

He put a total left-wing political hack, Nina Jankowicz, in charge of this Soviet-style censorship effort.

Jankowicz was touted as an expert in “misinformation” but pushed bogus stories like the Russia Collusion Hoax and called Hunter’s laptop a “Russian disinformation campaign.”

Now, a newly discovered video reveals what a raving left-wing lunatic this Biden commissar of censorship is and even Kamala Harris should be furious.

Jankowicz claims that “gender disinformation is a threat to national security.”

“Gender misinformation is false or misleading information that uses gender tropes,” she explained.

Jankowicz offered some examples of what she considered “gender misinformation.”

“So it might for instance Kamala Harris slept her way to the top,” she said.

“Ilhan Omar is a favorite for this sort of racist, sexual rhetoric. The idea that she married her brother to immigrate to the United States for instance,” she remarked. 

Of course, she tied all this “gender misinformation” back to the Russian boogeyman.

“Those same narratives about Kamala Harris, other candidates, about women in general in the west were echoed in domestic Russian disinformation,” she concluded.

Jankowicz spent her career working for deep state affiliated organizations demanding that Big Tech and government do more to censor speech she doesn’t like.

She was a far-left partisan hack but this video calling “gender misinformation” a national security threat is off the reservation.

Biden found the most looney leftist possible to run this new censorship scheme.

Some White House watchers have suggested Jankowicz’ statement about Kamala Harris was just a sly way of throwing shade at the Vice President for not being a bigger political asset.  After all, it’s widely regarded as true that former California Governor Jerry Brown essentially admitted to an affair with Harris while helping launch her career.

But it’s all the more likely Jankowicz really wants to shut down any criticism of a Democratic woman under the guise of “gender disinformation.”

Unfortunately, in the video she doesn’t offer up what the definition of a woman is or if men getting pregnant is disinformation.

She’s such an obvious partisan hack then even the normally Biden-friendly CNN questioned her choice to run the agency.

Noted leftist journalist Fake Jake Tapper of CNN called her out for supporting the Russian Collusion Hoax and calling Hunter’s laptop misinformation.

When CNN is calling out Jankowicz, it shows how far over the line putting her charge of this totalitarian scheme is.

This new revelation about Nina Jankowicz will give critics of Biden’s Ministry of Truth even more cause for concern. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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