Kamala Harris critic got axed for a reason that will leave you stunned

Joe Biden and his administration are completely off the rails.

The Democrats are simply in damage control, attempting to quell the backlash and ridicule.

That’s why one Kamala Harris critic got axed for a reason that will leave you stunned.

Conservative columnist and radio host Amber Athey was fired from a “conservative” radio station because she dared to tell a joke about Kamala Harris on Twitter.

At the State of the Union, Harris notably wore a brown suit that was mocked even by people on the Left.

Athey made a benign joke about Harris looking like a UPS worker, which essentially went unnoticed by the “woke” censors.

“Kamala looks like a UPS employee — what can brown do for you? Nothing good, apparently,” Athey tweeted.

But then Athey ran afoul of the far-left mob when she commented about radical transgender activists.

That’s when the Left dug through her Twitter history.

Athey wrote, “No one had a problem with the tweet until a few days later, when I spoke critically of protests in favor of ‘trans kids’ at the University of North Texas. A group of maniacal left-wing activists who want to chemically castrate children in the name of ‘gender affirmation’ came after me. All of a sudden, the Kamala tweet was being re-framed as racist and dozens of Twitter accounts were bragging about contacting my employers about my ‘bigotry.’”

After that, leftists sent a bombardment of emails to Cumulus Media, the company that owns the radio station WMAL.

Cumulus caved and fired Athey from her hosting gig.

In an interview with independent journalist Tim Pool, a constant target of the Left, Athey explained, “[WMAL is] a part of Cumulus Media. That’s, like, the corporation that owns a bunch of radio stations, similar to Sinclair…They’re trash. They’re operated by a bunch of liberals…They make all their money from conservative radio, but they don’t actually believe in anything that their hosts are saying on air.”

Athey was “canceled” for speaking out against transgender activists, and a harmless joke at the expense of Harris was the justification.

Cowardly companies have made the calculation that it’s easier to bend the knee to a handful of leftist activists writing emails than it is to stand up for principles of free speech.

Athey’s case wasn’t even a challenging free speech issue because the joke was in no way offensive.

The Left cannot win without censorship.

That’s why any criticisms of their insane policies are used as justification for silencing conservative and moderate liberal critics.

The problem will only get worse until people stop giving in to the mob.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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