Justin Trudeau was left seething when he heard Jordan Peterson’s response to this terrifying punishment

Dr. Jordan Peterson has become a boogeyman for the global Left after he rose to international notoriety for simply speaking the truth.

Now leftist world leaders have sent goons after the conservative Canadian psychologist, author, lecturer, and commentator with a spine-chilling move.

But Canadian PM Justin Trudeau was left seething when he heard Jordan Peterson’s response to this terrifying punishment.

Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson became an international phenomenon when he refused to go along with his country’s compelled speech law, which stated that someone could be dragged before the Human Rights Commission for not using a person’s preferred pronouns.

Peterson also poked holes in much leftist dogma, including the gender pay gap, which has been debunked for at least 40 years.

Peterson was effectively hounded out of his tenured position at the University of Toronto, but now Canada is threatening to revoke his license to practice psychology.

Governing board demands Dr. Jordan Peterson undergo ‘re-education’ or surrender his license

The New York Post reported that “Controversial Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson has launched a legal challenge against the College of Psychologists of Ontario after he said the governing body threatened to pull his practicing license if he doesn’t complete social media re-education for comments he made on Twitter and the Joe Rogan podcast. Peterson, 60, filed an application for judicial review with the Ontario Divisional Court…as the clinical psychologist has said he will refuse to comply with the regulatory body’s demands…He must meet with a psychologist for coaching classes, which he must pay for, until a final report is issued by the coach that shows their concerns have been ‘properly ameliorated.’ The CPO reached its decision on Nov. 22 following an investigation.”

So the Communists want Peterson to undergo “re-education” for speaking the truth and disagreeing with rabid leftists.

This is how radical the Left have become.

They will attempt to take away a person’s livelihood for not toeing the line.

Peterson declares he “will not comply” with College of Psychologists’ demand

Peterson wrote in an op-ed for The National Post, “I’m not complying. I’m not submitting to re-education. I am not admitting that my viewpoints — many of which have, by the way, been entirely justified by the facts that have emerged since the complaints were levied — were either wrong or unprofessional. I’m going to say what I have to say, and let the chips fall where they will. I have done nothing to compromise those in my care; quite the contrary — I have served all my clients and the millions of people I am communicating with to the best of my ability and in good faith, and that’s that.”

Peterson will be okay regardless of what the governing board decides, but this punishment is actually a warning to others who would dare to speak up.

Not everyone has the money and platform of Jordan Peterson, so they could more easily be cowed into silence.

That is precisely what the Communist komissars are counting on.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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