Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden’s foot soldiers out for blood after this pub-owning star went scorched earth

Entertainment celebrities are usually in lockstep with Democratic politicians.

But some are finally speaking out against the rise of authoritarianism on the Left.

And one pub-owning, British star said three words that have Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden’s foot soldiers out for blood.  

British actor and comedian Russell Brand has become a target of the globalist establishment because he refuses to go along with the mainstream narrative.

Brand, an unabashed liberal, has come to the realization that the Left are composed of authoritarians who want to impose their beliefs on all of society.

During a recent episode of his YouTube show, Brand said:

“The establishment and the mainstream media are coming for me and coming for this channel, saying I’m a conspiracy theorist, a right-wing nut, and an anti-vaxxer…If you don’t think that I’m those things, and I don’t think that I’m those things, could there be any other reason why the mainstream media and establishment want to shut down open discourse and dissent?”

The Left are openly behaving like fascists.

The media, academia, Hollywood, and Big Tech are all moving in lockstep with the globalist narrative.

Anyone who has questions about COVID lockdowns or vaccine mandates runs the risk of being labeled an enemy of the state.

Brand continued:

“The mainstream media is not your friend. The culture is not your friend. The government is not your friend. Big business is not your friend. They are operating collegiately, in unison, to create a set of systems that are beneficial to them, and disadvantage you.”

Brand recently got in trouble for taking the counter-narrative position on the trucker convoy in Canada. 

The actor, comedian, and commentator — who also reportedly purchased a UK pub last year— dared to question the actions of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who behaved like a dictator.

“The initial articles have been provoked by video we did about Justin Trudeau, saying that his invocation of the emergency act and refusal to rescind it entirely in case of certain financial components against peaceful trucker protests smacks of the kind of authoritarianism that might diminish his right to overtly condemn anti-democratic actions elsewhere,” Brand said addressing the hit pieces aimed at him.

“We’ve been accused of being anti-vax, simply for saying unvaccinated people might have rights…What I said is that perhaps people that are reluctant to become vaccinated shouldn’t be treated as criminals, condemned, and treated as social pariahs,” Brand concluded. 

Brand’s sensible position has become “dangerous” to the plans of the elites.

They don’t want anyone thinking for themselves or challenging authority.

The shaming and slander tactics are intensifying, but they’re becoming easier to spot.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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