Justin Trudeau and his cronies just turned to actively trying to get people killed

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went full fascist.

His attempts to crush the Freedom Convoy crossed a serious line.

Now, Trudeau and his cronies turned to actively trying to get people killed.

Justin Trudeau imposed authoritarian control to ram through his ridiculous COVID vaccine mandate on peaceful protesters in the supposed democracy of Canada, while at the same time arming and fomenting war in Ukraine in the name of protecting Democracy. 

When protesters joined the Canadian Trucker Convoy in opposition to the mandates, Trudeau responded by enacting emergency powers and began freezing assets of people who contributed to crowdfunding campaigns for the protest.

Leftist fundraising site GoFundMe shut down a campaign that had garnered $10 million and they tried to divert the funds to “approved” causes, but they ultimately agreed to refund the money amid intense backlash.

Christian-based crowdfunding site GiveSendGo also raised millions of dollars before being targeted by leftist hackers who published the names of everybody who contributed to the Freedom Convoy.

Trudeau hit a brick wall and whether it was a run on Canadian banks, that he’s poised to get a sharp rebuke from the Canadian Senate, or simply the fact that the globalist met their objective to set a precedent for freezing assets without a court order and stasi-style crackdowns on dissenters, he since revoked his orders.

Whatever the case, the damage to free speech was done and unhinged leftists still aren’t backing down.

Now, contributors to the GiveSendGo campaign are having their names and addresses listed on Google Maps.

Canadians have lost their jobs and been harassed by deranged leftists and government officials for contributing to the protests.

Worse yet, the so-called mainstream media have been egging on the doxxing campaigns by pestering people who contributed money.

The left-wing press in both Canada and America have been harassing people on the list.

For example, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation threatened with the following message:

“We’re reaching out to you because your name and information appeared on the list, and we’re interested in interviewing you both about why you may have donated to the cause, but also how you feel about having had your personal information leaked. We should stress: we are not automatically identifying anyone by name in our story. We need to verify with people that they indeed contributed, as a first step. The second step is seeing if people will share their story with us.”

When the CBC says they are not “automatically identifying” anyone, the implication is that the network might do so as part of a hardball tactic.

The Washington Post sent similar messages to the people who had their identities leaked.

Pinpointing people’s locations on Google Maps is a terrifying escalation.

But because it’s the Left doing the terrorizing, the corporate-controlled press is either actively participating or conspicuously silent.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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