Judge in Trump Georgia case just told Fani Willis what could become of her


Much of the Left still has faith that Democrats’ lawfare attacks could stop Donald Trump.

And some actually believe Fani Willis will strike the final blow.

But the Judge in the scandal-ridden Georgia DA’s case against Trump just told Fani Willis what could become of her.

Scandal-ridden DA Fani Willis’ witch hunt against Donald Trump could be over

Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis has made herself the story instead of Donald Trump in her election fraud case.

It turns out that Willis is in a sexual relationship with prosecutor Nathan Wade, whom Willis brought onto the case despite a glaring lack of experience in criminal trials, especially in a case of this magnitude.

Judge Scott McAfree said that an evidentiary hearing is necessary to determine if Wade received improper benefits.

The scandal broke when the attorney for defendant Michael Roman alleged the inappropriate relationship in a legal filing.

Judge floated the outcome from Trump co-defendant’s motion

Judge McAfee said that a motion from Roman’s attorney “alleges a personal relationship that resulted in a financial benefit to the district attorney. That is no longer a matter of complete speculation. The state has admitted a relationship existed. And so what remains to be proven is the existence and extent of any financial benefit. Again, if there even was one. So because I think it’s possible that the facts alleged by the defendant could result in disqualification, I think an evidentiary hearing must occur to establish the record on those core allegations.” 

In addition to bringing on Wade despite only handling traffic violations as a municipal court Judge, Willis paid him more than Georgia’s preeminent RICO attorney.

Willis and Wade also went on extravagant Royal Caribbean cruises on the taxpayers’ dime.

After getting busted, Willis gave a cringeworthy sermon at a church in order to deflect blame onto Republicans.

Pulpit speech didn’t work

Willis said, “They are going to be mad when I call them out on this nonsense…First thing they say, ‘Oh, she’s going to play the race card.’ But … isn’t it them playing the race card when they think I need someone in some other jurisdiction in some other state to tell me how to do a job I’ve been doing almost 30 years?”

Willis also bizarrely went after Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor-Greene during her church political rally.

Willis continued, “Dear God, I do not want to be like those that attacked me…I never want to be a Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has never met me but has allowed her spirit to be filled with hate. How does this woman, who has the honor of being a leader in my state, how is it that she has not reached out to me?”

Even Democrats seem prepared to dump Willis after the so-called mainstream media propped her up as an anti-Trump crusader and champion.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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