Journalist who exposed Antifa terrorists got silenced for an infuriating reason

The so-called mainstream media have become utterly corrupt.

Any reporter who challenges the establishment narrative runs the risk of being smeared, mocked, or worse.

And one journalist who exposed Antifa terrorists got silenced for an infuriating reason.

Independent journalist Andy Ngo has become a sworn enemy of the Left for his fearless reporting on Antifa terrorists, particularly in Portland.

Ngo routinely reports on radical Left extremism because the corporate press refuses to do so, especially in Portland, which has become a hell-scape.

Ngo recently reported on Quintez Brown—the Black Lives Mater terrorist who attempted to assassinate a mayoral candidate in Louisville, Kentucky—which drew the ire of the hard Left.

His constant unmasking of Antifa thugs has also kept Ngo in the crosshairs.

And now, Twitter forced Ngo to delete a tweet that included a message from Antifa terrorist who threatened to kill him.

So Twitter forced Ngo to take down the threat against his life, yet the social media platform allows hacked materials from Christian-based crowdfunding site GiveSendGo to be disseminated far and wide.

People who donated to the Canadian trucker convoy through GiveSendGo were doxxed and harassed by journalists.

The double standards are infuriating, and they’re becoming more obvious.

For example, Twitter’s “hacked materials” policy was the basis for the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” bombshell story reported by The New York Post.

Twitter users couldn’t even share the story privately via direct message.

Conversely, The New York Times story about Donald Trump’s private tax returns was allowed to be shared across the platform.

What’s even more enraging is that the threat against Ngo is very real.

Antifa has literally graffitied Downtown Portland with death threats against Ngo.

British conservative author Douglas Murray commented on the unbelievable sight when he toured America in late 2020.

Six months later, Antifa terrorists nearly killed Ngo in the middle of the street after chasing him like a pack of cowardly jackals.

Democrats are tolerant of any extremist violence coming from the Left.

They pay lip service and denounce it, but with nowhere near the furor of denunciations of rare instances of right-wing political violence.

The first time Antifa goons ambushed Ngo and beat him up, he suffered brain damage and ended up in the hospital.

The corporate press barely covered the story at all.

If violent right-wingers had beaten up a gay journalist who’s the son of Vietnamese immigrants, the entire Left would mobilize to make it the story of the century.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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