Journalist who attacked Christians is working on one disturbing project to undermine the Supreme Court

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The Democrat Party is in meltdown mode after Joe Biden’s horrific debate performance.

They can feel their grasp on power slipping away.

And a journalist who attacked Christians is working on one disturbing project to undermine the Supreme Court.

POLITICO reporter Heidi Przybyla made a fool of herself when she appeared on MSNBC and tried to smear Christians.

Christian Nationalist hiding under your bed

Przybyla showed her ignorance about the Constitution when she said that “Christian Nationalists” believe their rights come from God, not government.

Democrats and their media allies have been attempting to portray all Christians as Christian Nationalists, which is a boogeyman term suggesting that Christians are trying to create a literal theocracy.

But Przybyla is also part of the Left’s agenda to undermine the Supreme Court.

Since the conservatives currently hold a 6-3 majority, Democrats have been attacking the legitimacy of the court for the past few years, and the salvos have only intensified over the last year.

Przybyla is helping push the agenda of a group called Demand Justice, which gets millions in funding from a dark money megadonor organization. 

Conservative radio host Erick Erickson explained that Przybyla is “writing a press release for a far-left group ‘Demand Justice’ claiming it will spend $10 mil to attack the Supreme Court. But there are some details Heidi doesn’t mention. First, Demand Justice is a part of a multi-billion dollar dark money enterprise of the left called Arabella. You’d think that would be relevant considering she refers to ‘a deep-pocketed network of ultraconservative judicial activists helmed by Leonard Leo.’” 

When conservatives fund think tanks, Democrats act as if that in and of itself is nefarious.

However, when Democrats do the same, they’re simply “defending democracy” or “fortifying elections.”

Leonard Leo of the Federalist Society has been a recent target of the Left.

His “crime” was cultivating judges who actually believe in the Constitution.

Billion-dollar dark money group

Erickson continued, “Arabella is a leftwing organization that keeps its donors secret and funnels their money into a series of leftwing groups. We don’t really know who all on the left is funding this. . .So Politico, which believes in transparency and supposedly believes in democracy, is running a press release for a leftwing group funded by anonymous leftwing billionaires who are also anonymously trying to fund election efforts for the left.”

Again, it’s okay when Democrats do it.

Dark money is only bad when right-wing groups fund projects.

The Democrat-controlled media fully acknowledge that Arabella is a huge funding source for left-wing causes.

CBS News reported that “Impetus is a creation of a progressive D.C. firm called Arabella Advisors, which oversees a web of nonprofits that today funnels more dark money into American elections and political causes than any on either side of the political divide.”

So Arabella Advisors spends more than any other group, but it’s Leonard Leo and the Federalist Society that are supposedly shady for funding causes they care about.

Erickson added that “Politico’s Heidi Przybyla, who believes the Founders of the United States were not Christians, but Christian Nationalists, is carrying water for the group, clearly having been fed the story and spinning it to undermine rightwing successes in restraining government. Pryzbyla carries a lot of water for the left in this, even using the phrase ‘court reform groups’ as if they are some innocuous good government groups.”

As Erickson pointed out, left-wing “court reform groups” are good, but the Federal Society is bad.

This is a clear example of how Democrat-controlled media figures promote the messages of left-wing dark money groups.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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