Jordan Peterson snuck in some massive truthbombs in an epic tweetstorm ahead of Twitter’s new censorship regime

Psychologist Jordan Peterson has been the target of endless hit pieces from the corporate-controlled press, but he has survived reputational destruction and staved off being banned on social media.

But Big Tech looks set to bring their censorship hammer down harder than ever on Conservatives.

So Jordan Peterson snuck in some massive truthbombs in an epic tweetstorm before censorship gets any worse under Twitter’s new regime.

Twitter’s new CEO Parag Agrawal has signaled that he wants more censorship.

That sent chills down the spines of counter-narrative voices, but before any more leftist censorship takes hold, Jordan Peterson was able to sneak in some massive truth-bombs.

Peterson first took aim at the unhinged environmentalists and called out the fact their policies would devastate the world’s poor.

This is undoubtedly true.

Fossil fuels are relatively cheap and efficient energy sources, which allow societies to climb out of abject poverty.

China and India are currently going through that transformation.

But the green mafia wants to stifle carbon emissions at a time when billions of people trapped in poverty are attempting to come out of it.

The globalist overlords don’t care if billions have to suffer in pursuit of their totalitarian environmentalist project.

Peterson also took aim at Black Lives Matter for its blatant anti-capitalist message.

Peterson pointed out how BLM’s leadership admitted to being “trained Marxists,” and illustrated that being anti-capitalist is incompatible with being anti-poverty.

Wealth creation and raising the standard of living for everyone are the only ways to lift people out of poverty.

Anti-capitalist societies are also invariably the poorest.

There are no mechanisms for building wealth.

BLM and other leftist groups are cultists in pursuit of a communist utopia that cannot exist.

Peterson’s tweetstorm drove a stake right into the heart of the Left’s core tenets.

That’s sure to make him an even bigger target for the Left and the Silicon Valley stasi.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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