Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial smears have nothing on the new low Democrats stooped to in Jones trial

The establishment is circling the wagons as everyday people get more and more fed up.

Elites can feel their power slipping away, so they’re going to more extreme measures.

Now, Democrats stooped to a new low in Jones trial that makes Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial smears look like child’s play.

The Alex Jones defamation lawsuit regarding Sandy Hook just got underway, and something strange happened in the run-up to the onset of the trial.

Rekieta Law, the top independent law live-streaming channel on YouTube run by attorney Nick Rekieta, was mysteriously shut down right before the trial.

Independent legal streamers like Rekieta became a target of the corporate-controlled press after the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial.

Washington Post hit-piece writer Taylor Lorenz went after live streamers and claimed something nefarious was afoot by covering the trial in a way she didn’t like.

And Alex Jones is far more controversial and hated by the establishment.

Rekieta called out YouTube himself on Twitter for jamming up his channel for no good reason.

Rekieta finally came back from suspension, and did not pull any punches.

The Jones trial has been a never-ending saga to demonize him for making reckless comments about Sandy Hook that he apologized for.

Jones could be on the hook for $150 million in damages, which he could not possibly pay.

The goal is essentially to take him off the chessboard.

Jones’s attorneys allegedly sent his phone contents to opposing counsel by mistake, and The Independent reported that the phone data “is now reportedly being sought by the House select committee looking into the events surrounding 6 January 2021 in Washington, DC, when Jones was in the city.”

The witch hunt continues, and Jones called it out, explaining, “I didn’t knowingly promote Sandy Hook questions for ratings or listeners. I cover whatever I want, and I barely covered it. The Democratic Party, the corporate media, these judges, are primping for the cameras. They’re all over the news. They’re pushing their anti-free speech agenda, and they love every single second of this stuff. They are just living off Sandy Hook, and keeping Sandy Hook alive by attaching it to me. And then constantly running hundreds of articles a day for years—sometimes thousands—calling me the Sandy Hook Man until the point of—I’m sitting there talking to a group of people outside the courtroom and there are some other lawyers there…and I go, ‘Yeah, they don’t think Adam Lanza did it. They think I did it.’ And one of these lawyers that’s a well-known lawyer…goes, ‘Who’s Adam Lanza?’…And we all just looked at him. We’re like, ‘Exactly. Who’s Adam Lanza?’”

Adam Lanza was obviously the mass shooter responsible for the horrific Sandy Hook shooting, and Jones argued that he has become the villain of the story.

Jones continued, “You don’t think Adam Lanza when you think Sandy Hook. You think Alex Jones. And that’s what they’ve put on me and made me and claim I’m famous from it and claim I’m making money off of it, when our listeners don’t want to hear about it. They tune out. But you have to understand: the precedent they’re setting with January 6th is designed to come after your freedom. The precedent happening to me is designed to come after your freedom. This is the beta test, and this is what they’re doing.”

And the fact that the January 6th House Select Committee wants his phone as part of a fishing expedition says it all.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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