John Kennedy unleashed hell after a top media outlet made one jaw-dropping move

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When it comes to the corporate media, what outlets do not report on can reveal more than what they do report on. 

For example, every time Donald Trump or a conservative scores a victory, the corporate media often remains quiet or skeptical. 

And John Kennedy unleashed hell after a top media outlet made one jaw-dropping move. 

USA Today just sent shockwaves with this inexplicable decision

When it comes to the corporate media, a few massive companies pull the strings for hundreds of news outlets. 

USA Today, a part of Gannett Media, for example, controls hundreds of “local” news outlets as part of its expansive network. 

Recently, Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) drafted an editorial about the hot topic of biological women playing in men’s sports. 

Senator John Kennedy drafted this editorial for USA Today, which intended to send it for publication in several of its network outlets across Louisiana. 

Predictably, Senator Kennedy’s editorial supported banning biological women from men’s sports, which did not sit well with the top brass at Gannett Media. 

Rather than publish the piece and let readers decide right from wrong, Gannett Media took it upon themselves to quietly table the piece. 

Gannett Opinion Editor and Vice President of Standards and Ethics Michael McCarter later issued a statement supporting this decision. 

McCarter started his statement with, “The opinion teams across the USA TODAY Network are focused on delivering local, timely, relevant, and diverse opinion pieces. We recognize the importance of sharing varying perspectives and the vital role we play convening conversations.”

He then explained the reasoning behind the decision, stating that “John Kennedy’s submitted opinion column did not meet our ethical guidelines, which state we will treat people with respect. After further review, our editorial team removed the column from our website.” 

“Sen.r Kennedy has been given the opportunity to revise his language – not his viewpoint – to adhere with our standards,” the media executive added. 

Senator John Kennedy responded to these claims, telling Fox News Digital, “USA TODAY Network apparently does not like the way I express myself.”

“They think they are the speech police. Drunk on certainty and virtue, they think they are our moral teacher. This attitude is why so many Americans have lost confidence in the media.  The media is not going to win that trust back until they return to neutrality instead of advocacy,” the outraged Louisiana lawmaker added. 

USA Today just exposed itself in a humiliating fashion 

Many Americans would agree that the role of the media should not be to cultivate left-leaning opinions and establish a single, universal truth. 

Instead, most would agree that the media should present facts, and permit both sides of an issue to speak, allowing readers to form their own opinions. 

As Senator John Kennedy pointed out, USA Today and its parent company Gannett do not appear interested in doing anything of the sort.

Instead, USA Today and Gannett have decided to play the role of thought police, which could have serious ramifications on the public’s trust in the company moving forward. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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