John Kennedy gave Joe Biden one hard truth about his future that he’s going to hate

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Joe Biden is fighting for his political life after he bombed the Presidential debate.

Now he’s facing a painful reality about the path forward for his campaign. 

And John Kennedy gave Joe Biden one hard truth about his future that he’s going to hate. 

Joe Biden trying to right the ship after his debate disaster 

President Joe Biden is facing a crisis of confidence after he stumbled through the first Presidential debate. 

He confirmed the worst fears about his mental decline during the 90-minute train wreck on the debate stage.

Biden attempted to do damage control with a pre-taped interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos – a hatchet man for former President Bill Clinton.

But the ABC interview didn’t convince anyone about his mental and physical ability to serve as President.

U.S. Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) broke down the grim political future awaiting Biden during an appearance on Fox News’ Hannity.

He told guest host Kayleigh McEnany that he was “not sure” that Biden’s ABC interview would ease fears about his campaign.

“I’m not sure, Kayleigh, that interviews like the President gave tonight matter much at this juncture. You can’t make this cat walk backwards,” Kennedy said. “People saw what they saw in that 90-minute debate, and I think most of them think that it’s only a matter of time before President Biden stumbles again because they understand that old age doesn’t get better, it gets worse.”

Many Democrats agree with Kennedy that the damage from the debate can’t be undone.

A growing number of elected Democrats have called for Biden to pass the torch and drop out of the Presidential race.

Joe Biden’s campaign is as dead as fried chicken 

Kennedy said that the public has already made up their mind about Biden’s mental fitness. 

“Fairly or unfairly, I think most Americans have made up their minds,” Kenndey explained. “I think they have concluded that President Biden is old, that he is likely suffering from some form of neurodegenerative disease, that he’s suffered from for a while and that the White House and many members of the media industrial complex have covered it up and that cover-up has been toxic, in my opinion, for what it’s worth.”

Biden’s political goose was cooked according to the Louisiana lawmaker. 

“I think President Biden, politically, is as dead as fried chicken. He can now quit, he can be replaced,” Kennedy said. “Or he can run and lose. You can’t successfully run for President of the United States when your campaign slogan is, ‘I’m only senile some of the time,’ as one commentator pointed out today.”

McEnany wondered what Biden’s inner circle was telling him about staying in the race while his campaign implodes.

Are they just “telling him what he wants to hear?” McEnany asked Senator Kennedy.

“You shouldn’t look to Washington, D.C. for wisdom or comfort at this difficult time. As you know, most people in Washington, D.C. will unplug your life support in order to charge their cellphone,” Kennedy replied. “Most people in Washington, D.C. right now are worried about how the President’s problems are going to impact them personally. I’m more interested in what the American people think.”

Democrats and their media allies tried to hide Joe Biden’s mental decline for years. 

Now they appear to be stuck with him after their charade came crashing down at the debate. 

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