Joe Rogan’s jaw hit the floor when he heard what Gavin Newsom just uttered about his son

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There are few Democrat politicians outside Joe Biden who Americans see as divisive and controversial as California Governor Gavin Newsom. 

But his latest remarks really have Americans stunned.

And Joe Rogan’s jaw hit the floor when he heard what Gavin Newsom just uttered about his son.

Newsom comments suggest he’s afraid California’s demise might get reversed

Over the last couple of decades, California has rapidly declined causing millions of Golden Staters to flee. 

Whether it is the cost of living, unmitigated border crisis, homelessness crisis, drug use crisis, or any number of preventable natural disasters, California has become practically unlivable. 

Many of the people who have fled California are quick to blame Democrat politicians such as Governor Gavin Newsom for this collapse, meanwhile, California Democrats often pretend like everything is going just fine. 

As California reels from this multitude of crises, Democrats such as Gavin Newsom are determined to address what they call “misinformation.” 

Last week, Gavin Newsom spoke to Bloomberg News to address his concerns surrounding misinformation and the future of artificial intelligence. 

During the interview, Gavin Newsom referred to an incident with his own son, when he claimed “My son is asking me about Andrew Tate, Jordan Peterson. And then immediately he’s talking about Joe Rogan. And I’m like; here it is, the pathway.”

It is no secret that all of these individuals are often critical of Joe Biden, Gavin Newsom, and the Democrat Party in general.

This is not unique to California, as Democrats across the nation including President Joe Biden have labeled stopping misinformation as a top priority. 

Although this sounds like a lofty goal, the truth is that stopping “misinformation” has often led to voices hostile to the regime being silenced, despite breaking no laws or guidelines of the respective platform.

For many Americans, “misinformation campaigns” have become a code word for censorship 

Many Americans have become skeptical of these campaigns to stop misinformation, especially following groundbreaking revelations that the Joe Biden administration allegedly worked directly with social media platforms to silence voices critical of the administration, despite these voices breaking no rules or laws. 

Attacks on the First Amendment are not just major overreaches in the power of the executive branch, but they are at direct odds with the founding principles of America. 

Instead of bolstering trust in the federal government, these misinformation campaigns have caused millions of Americans to grow even wearier of what the government deems to be true or false. 

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