Joe Rogan gulped hard after YouTube hammered this political show for a truly disturbing reason

Big Tech is expanding its censorship.

Now they’re targeting two of Joe Rogan’s favorites.

And you’ll be slack-jawed when you hear the disturbing reason YouTube just hammered these Joe Rogan pals.

YouTube just went to war over one of Joe Rogan’s favorite political shows.

The online political show “Breaking Points” just had a video demonetized—meaning no advertising revenue is permitted—by YouTube.

The show features right-wing populist Saagar Enjeti and left-wing progressive Krystal Ball, formerly of MSNBC.

Enjeti and Ball are frequently mentioned by former YouTube – and now Spotify – cash cow Joe Rogan and have appeared on his podcast numerous times. 

The duo spun off from their popular show “Rising,” which was sponsored by The Hill, and now their revenue is entirely dependent on YouTube.

So it was disconcerting when Ball and Enjeti’s show got dinged by YouTube for having the audacity to cover the story of Chinese pro tennis player Peng Shaui, who disappeared after accusing a member of the Chinese Communist Party of rape.

YouTube censors likely took great pleasure in hammering the revenue stream of one of Joe Rogan’s favorite political shows after he ditched the platform.

But it’s clear this is much more about pleasing the Communists.

Google, which owns YouTube, does not want to upset the CCP because the company does not want to be closed off from China.

Google, whose old slogan was “don’t be evil,” partnered with the CCP for Project Dragonfly, which was a search engine for China that increased the CCP’s surveillance capability.

Once word of the project leaked, Google was shamed into supposedly backing out of the endeavor.

But Google’s willingness to do it proves an important point.

This is a company that had employees sobbing when Donald Trump was elected in 2016, but it was willing to aid in the CCP’s human rights abuses.

Peng Shaui’s disappearance finally spurred support from professional athletes including Serena Williams.

This is the first time superstar athletes spoke out against the CCP.

But “Breaking Points” learned the hard way that talking about China in unflattering terms can have pocketbook consequences.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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