Joe Rogan guest just said three words that broke Google in one earth-shattering podcast episode

Podcaster Joe Rogan is an enemy of the establishment.

The powers that be cannot control what he and his interviewees say.

And a Joe Rogan guest just said three words that broke Google in one earth-shattering podcast episode.

Joe Rogan’s podcast is one of the few places where counter-narrative voices can be heard.

Rogan has interviewed multiple scientists and physicians who challenge the orthodoxy of the COVID regime, the latest one being Dr. Robert Malone.

Malone was instrumental in the development of the mRNA technology used in the COVID vaccines, but he has been critical of the public health response to the pandemic.

Malone was permanently banned from Twitter for spreading “misinformation” about COVID, but was given no explanation of what he said that violated guidelines.

During the conversation with Rogan, Malone described the cult of COVID as an example of mass formation psychosis, a phenomenon that takes place when a large number of people are swept up in an unrelenting propaganda offensive.

Malone drew parallels to 1930s Germany and the cultish and psychotic Nazi regime, which infuriated the Left.

After the episode, which was viewed by millions, many users searched on Google for a deeper explanation of mass formation psychosis, but they were met with a weird message from the search engine:

Google was looking to return hits from “reliable sources.”

A few hours later, the top search results for mass formation psychosis included hit pieces on Malone calling him an “anti-vaxxer” and labeled mass formation psychosis a “right-wing conspiracy theory.”

This is precisely how Google has become an extension of the state.

The COVID regime, headed by public officials like Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins, is protected and propped up by legacy media as well as social media.

The propaganda is constant.

The fact that Google monkeyed with its search algorithm to prejudice the term mass formation psychosis proves Malone’s point.

The COVID regime has completely gone off the deep end, and the lies must be defended at all times.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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