Joe Manchin just got on his knees and ended his political career to please the global elites

As a Democrat in arguably the reddest state in the country, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has worked hard to convince voters he’s a “moderate” for years.

His political future was already on life support after his disastrous deal with Joe Biden but now he’s really pulled the plug.

Because Joe Manchin just got on his knees and insulted the folks back home to please the global elites.

Moderate Democrat Senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona threw a monkey wrench in some of Joe Biden’s insane spending proposals.

Considering Manchin is a Democrat in a state Donald Trump won by 40 points, he was less inclined to vote in lockstep with the socialists that are quickly ascending within the party.

But Manchin shockingly caved and supported Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, which did everything but reduce inflation.

Manchin caved because he thought he was getting a new pipeline in West Virginia, but he got rooked by his own party.

Manchin attempted to attach his pipeline amendment to multiple bills, but he was rebuffed by the Democrats.

He lashed out by blaming the GOP and insisting that the “Republican caucus voted down a bill that would have completed the Mountain Valley Pipeline and quickly delivered natural gas to the market.”

Manchin knows he wasn’t being honest with West Virginians and he knows they know it too.

Manchin strummed the Globalists’ favorite tune – attacking Free Speech

So now Manchin is at the World Economic Forum globalist summit pandering to elites and trying to finalize a cushy post-Senate gig if not get them to save his bacon with truckloads of campaign cash.

Manchin spouted nonsense about the problem of online “misinformation.”

He argued, “The problem that we have is the open press system, and basically all the platforms. So if you’re able to have five platforms—social platforms—you can basically personify the extremes, somebody who is extremely Right or extremely Left, and it seems like that is the majority speaking.”

Elites have been banging the drum hard for more censorship of speech online.

“The problem we have is the open press system and basically all the platforms”

Manchin added, “They’re not the majority, but they’re basically driving everybody to make a decision. ‘What side are you on? Are you on this side, or this side?’ And in America, there’s only one side: the American side. It’s not the Republican side or the Democrat [side]. We should be coming together to solve the problems from a different angle.”

Manchin wants both sides “coming together” so he can get his pipeline, but it’s not happening.

His gambit did not pay off.

Manchin’s disapproval rating went from 38% to 51%, and numerous GOP opponents are lining up to vie for the chance to challenge him in 2024.

He will be facing Republican challengers and catering to the Left even more now probably isn’t going to win him any points in the Mountain State.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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