Joe Biden’s war to stack the executive branch with radicals just went hot after FCC nominee’s comments on Fox News

Joe Biden never hid his penchant for making the ultra-radical executive branch nominations.

But this new anti-free speech Biden nominee is an authoritarian’s wet dream.

And Joe Biden’s war to stack the executive branch with radicals just got hot after his FCC nominee’s comments on Fox News. 

From a radical environmentalist who had previously been collaborated with eco-terrorists to a gun-grabbing, former federal agent who lied about Waco, there has been no shortage of radical Biden nominations for powerful executive branch posts.

And now Americans are learning that Biden’s nominee to head the FCC believes Fox News is “stated sponsored propaganda” and that’s not all she said.

Gig Sohn is Biden’s latest pick for the Federal Communications Commission, and much like Biden’s other nominees, she comes with a lot of alarming baggage.

According to reports, Sohn has very clear ties to radical billionaire George Soros and has a lengthy history of supporting anti-conservative censorship.

During a Senate hearing this week, Republican Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri asked Sohn to expound on a comment she made about Fox News in which she called the network “state-sponsored propaganda.”

“So you’re referring to my tweets that are now pretty famous, I understand they’re concerning to some. And anyone who knows me knows I’m pretty direct. But they were made in my role as a public interest advocate. They were made in the context — and I think context is very important — context of hearings, hearings and media reports. Maybe the tone was a little sharper. Maybe I should have dulled it a little bit. But again, it was part of my job, essentially, as a public interest advocate,” Sohn responded.

The former self-proclaimed “public interest advocate” went on to assure Senator Blunt that her comments would not make her biased in her role as head of the FCC.

“My opinions as a public interest advocate will have no bearing on how I behave as a policymaker if I’m confirmed.  I’ve been in government before and the values that are important to being a policymaker — responsiveness, transparency, integrity — that’s what you’ll get from me if I’m confirmed. So yes, I said some things, maybe too sharp, but they will have absolutely no determination in how I would rule on a proceeding with any of those companies,” Sohn concluded.

Calling Fox News “state-sponsored propaganda” seems awfully biased and doesn’t sound like it comes from a person who is capable of putting their political views aside in order to do their government job.

Tweets from the spring of 2020 show Gigi Sohn slamming Republican Congressman Jim Jordan for pointing obvious instances of conservatives being censored.

Gigi Sohn is just another far-left Biden nominee that is out to crush Conservatives’ ability to speak freely.

Many of Sohn’s ties also show she would push to expand government power over the internet as she was formerly president of the leftwing group, Public Knowledge, that “has long sought more government control of the internet and media,” according to a Wall Street Journal article.

The Right is under attack and Joe Biden is making sure that every position in his administration is filled by a person who will ensure his mission of complete destruction of dissenters is carried out completely.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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