Joe Biden’s Secretary of State just had his worst day since the botched Afghanistan withdrawal

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The Biden administration has been ridden with scandals and missteps.

Foreign policy mistakes have only been among the most visible.

And Biden’s Secretary of State just had his worst day since the botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

The Twitter Files exposed the collusion between Big Tech and the federal government, and the fallout is only getting worse.

Independent journalists and Republicans in Congress are only scratching the surface in terms of government officials using corporations to help them get around the First Amendment.

Big Tech companies and media outlets have been relying on so-called objective third-party organizations to determine whether or not information was true, and whether or not certain individuals and news companies were legitimate.

The blacklist shuffle

But it turns out almost all of these third-party watchdog groups were the project of ideological think tanks with an agenda.

That’s why Oracle is severing ties with the Global Disinformation Index (GDI), which essentially blacklisted conservatives.

Michael Egbert, Oracle Vice President for Corporate Communications, announced, “After conducting a review, we agree with others in the advertising industry that the services we provide marketers must be in full support of free speech, which is why we are ending our relationship with GDI.”

Worse yet, GDI was receiving funding from the State Department, which falls under the purview of Secretary of State Tony Blinken.

Republican Congressman Ken Buck of Colorado demanded a “complete and unredacted list of donors” to GDI.

Buck told the Washington Examiner, “As I wrote to Secretary Blinken in March, U.S. taxpayers should not provide funding for international organizations focused on blacklisting and targeting right-leaning American news organizations. However, the Global Disinformation Index has in the past chosen to accept and request U.S. funding from the State Department, therefore I believe that U.S. taxpayers deserve full transparency from GDI regarding information about who else has funded their efforts to silence conservative speech.”

It was revealed that GDI took in approximately $665,000 from the State Department and a government-funded nonprofit organization called the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

NED also cut ties with GDI.

GDI is one of many organizations that have been activated to stifle conservative and anti-establishment voices online.

The D.C. Swamp wants to rein in all outlets that fall outside of legacy control.

Much of this corruption would have never been uncovered without the release of the Twitter Files.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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