Joe Biden’s pals slipped up and revealed the bone-chilling secret they think will stop Donald Trump in November

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Joe Biden and his allies look hellbent on doing whatever it takes to gain more power over the American people.

They’ve shown there are few lengths they won’t reach for in order to get their way.

But Joe Biden’s pals slipped up and revealed the bone-chilling secret they think will stop Donald Trump in November.

The 2024 election cycle is well underway, and a Donald Trump vs Joe Biden rematch seems inevitable. 

Polls show that Donald Trump has the edge, causing Joe Biden and his team to resort to old tactics to secure his reelection.

One such tactic is establishing a digital blockade of sorts, preventing websites like Unmuzzled News from reporting on the truth.

Silencing free speech has become an integral part of Joe Biden’s election strategy 

Leading the blockade is Biden ally and Internews President and CEO Jeanne Bourgault, who detailed her plan at the “Defending Truth” panel at the World Economic Forum’s Davos conference last Thursday.

Per Bourgault, “Disinformation makes money and we need to follow that money and we need to work with particularly the global advertising industry.” 

She added, “A lot of those dollars go to pretty bad content. So you can work really hard on exclusion lists or inclusion lists just to really try to … focus their ad dollars toward the good news and information. The accurate and relevant news and information.”

Bourgault’s scheme to demonetize news sources critical of her and her political allies reflects the Left’s newest tactic when it comes to quelling free speech online.

However, this scheme is nothing new.  Many large social media platforms have used monetization as a lever for monitoring content for years.

This lever has been widely abused, often resulting in the demonetization of individuals solely on political grounds.

As far as Joe Biden’s push for online censorship is concerned, many experts believe that these efforts will intensify as Election Day approaches.

These political experts agree that Donald Trump, Robert Kennedy Jr., and a number of Republican House and Senate candidates are the Biden censorship infrastructure’s top targets. 

The 2024 elections will put the resiliency of the First Amendment to the test

As Joe Biden and his allies boast about their tactics to quell free speech, many Americans are left pondering the legality of such censorship.

Legal experts have voiced their concerns over the Biden Administration’s assault on the First Amendment, and further litigation should be expected as the election season drags on. 

However, even if Joe Biden and his allies face legal roadblocks, internet users should expect the Biden Administration to resort to tactics such as demonetization to silence their opposition. 

The bottom line is that Joe Biden and his cronies will do anything to stop the truth from coming out, which stands in direct opposition to everything America stands for. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for more updates to this ongoing story.

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