Joe Biden’s latest attempt to silence Fauci critics will leave your jaw on the floor

Joe Biden is desperate to keep using the pandemic as a political power grab.

He’s trying to shut down anyone from pushing back.

And his latest attempt to silence Fauci critics will leave your jaw on the floor.

Joe Biden isn’t going to let a crisis go to waste.

He and the elites have used the pandemic to consolidate power and push a radical leftwing agenda.

His regime has called on Big Tech to censor anyone who spreads “misinformation” or pushes “conspiracy theories.”

Misinformation and conspiracy theories are anything that pokes holes in the narrative that Fauci set.

While most of the blue states are starting to throw in the towel on the pandemic, the federal government is trying to keep it going.

Recently, the senate voted to confirm Dr. Robert Califf as head of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in a controversial vote.

After Joe Manchin and Bernie Sanders voted against his nomination, Mitt Romney’s vote helped confirm.

In a bone chilling move, Califf announced a new priority for the FDA under his leadership.

He said one of the top priorities for the FDA will now be fighting so-called misinformation.

“These kinds of distortions and half-truths that find their way into the public domain do enormous harm, both by leading people to behavior that is detrimental to their health and by causing them to eschew interventions that would improve their health,” he remarked.

“We must become more proactive and strategic to meet the part of our mission that reads: helping the public get the accurate, science-based information they need to use medical products and foods to maintain and improve their health. Misinformation and disinformation undercuts the amazing work that you do, and a purely reactive mode is not appropriate, particularly in this new era of social media,” he added.

The incompetent Biden regime took nearly a year to nominate an FDA commissioner in the middle of a pandemic.

Instead of focusing on actual crises like opioids, he’s more interested in running cover for Fauci.

Abandoning the basic functions of his job to prioritize pushing censorship is yet another example of the public health experts politicizing the pandemic. 

Instead of worrying about fentanyl, he can go after Joe Rogan for using ivermectin. 

This isn’t the first time Califf has run into controversy running the FDA.

He served as Obama’s FDA chief and received bipartisan criticism for botching the federal government’s response to the opioid crisis.

His failed handling of that crisis caused several Democrat senators to vote against his most recent nomination.

With the public ready to move on from the pandemic, it seems the Biden regime is doing everything it can to keep it going.

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