Joe Biden’s global economic policies just handed one stomach-churning Bill Gates priority a greenlight in schools

Global elites have little regard for what the masses want.

They believe they know better, and they’re willing to impose their will on everyone else.

And Joe Biden’s economic policies just handed one stomach-churning Bill Gates priority a greenlight in schools.

Thanks to the Biden administration and the globalist elites’ economic and foreign policy missteps, literal bug eating could soon become more commonplace around the globe as food prices continue to skyrocket and famine and riots have begun breaking out across the globe.

It would be easy to think that’s a plan that’s been in the works for years.

“Bill Gates owns more farmland in America than anyone else. He wants human beings to stop eating meat and instead consume insects,” The Spectator Australia noted earlier this year.

In a 2019 report pushing insects as food, The World Economic Forum highlighted one company, All Things Bugs saying it “raised $100,000 in initial seed funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to develop an eco-friendly, ready-to-use therapeutic food product made from insects for children in famine-stricken countries.”

Sadly, the global “eat bugs” movement appears to be gaining steam. 

In fact, the stomach-churning idea just got a big boost in a major western country because they’re now pushing this nonsense on school children in the UK.

The UK Metro reported that “children at four primary schools in Wales are set to take part in workshops organized by scientists and teachers to inform them about the benefits of eating ‘alternative protein’ like bugs. These will include plant-based foods and may involve edible insects, depending on whether they have received Novel Foods approval by the Food Standards Agency. These will be in the form of ‘conventional mince’ which combine plant-based and ‘alternative protein’. A study in the Journal of Cleaner Production found insect farms emit 75% less carbon than poultry farms.”

The elites subscribe to the Malthesian idea that the planet is overpopulated, and “sustainability” is paramount.

So everyday people will have to reduce their carbon footprint while elites get to fly around the globe on private jets.

They get to eat steaks literally flecked with gold while the average person will have to settle for roasted cicadas.

The Metro added that “As people in the UK look towards more sustainable diets, doubters of an insect-based diet will be pleased to know edible bugs are rich in protein, antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients. The project starts this week and aims to better understand children’s understanding of ‘alternative proteins’. It will use surveys, workshops, interviews and focus groups to explore this. Researchers have teamed up with teachers and hope that the four- to 11-year-olds will be willing to try out some of the more exotic foods.”

They have to foist this garbage onto kids as young as four years old because they don’t know any better.

They don’t yet understand how they’re being manipulated into eating bugs for the sake of a radical cause.

At a World Economic Forum summit, Oxford administrator Ngaire Woods said, “The good news is the elite across the world trust each other more and more…the bad news is that the majority of people trusted their elite less…”

“Let them eat bugs” is exactly why people have completely lost trust in the elites.

The Left’s ideas are counter to human nature and common sense, which is why they have to use such aggressive means of censorship and propaganda to get their way.

That’s why they target young, impressionable minds – they want them indoctrinated early in true Leninist fashion.

And the Left’s obsession with climate change and “sustainability” has led them to push for people to eat bugs instead of meat.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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