Joe Biden’s Generals made a disturbing move against soldiers seeing “The Sound of Freedom” 

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These days, it is very difficult to find a movie or television program that is not completely ruined with “woke” messages and themes. 

Whenever a Christian or moral values-based production comes out, the radical Left is quick to vilify and cancel it. 

And Joe Biden’s Generals made a disturbing move against soldiers seeing The Sound of Freedom. 

The radical Left resents anything that exposes their failures at the southern border 

Since its release, the movie The Sound of Freedom has sent shockwaves across the globe for its riveting portrayal of human trafficking. 

The Sound of Freedom is one of the highest-grossing movies out there right now, but since it portrays eye-opening horror stories of human trafficking across the southern border, the Left is having none of it. 

Many on the Left have thrown out unfounded claims that the film has direct ties to the fringe group Q-Anon, causing many to panic. 

Unfortunately, due to the lies and distortions spread by the radical Left, this important film is facing backlash and even cancellation. 

Among those changing course on the film is the U.S. Military’s Southern Command Headquarters, where officials have canceled a screening of the film which was scheduled for October 19. 

SOUTHCOM initially supported the screening of “The Sound of Freedom” saying in a mass email that, “in support of SOUTHCOM’s mission to promote respect for human rights and combating trafficking in persons in Central and South America and the Caribbean” while stipulating “The showing of this film does not imply or constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army nor SOUTHCOM.”

However, according to a Breitbart report, after The Military Times disparagingly described the movie as “QAnon-embraced,” SOUTHCOM changed course, canceling the October screening.

The Military Times’ Allison P. Erickson and Davis Winkie, the journalists responsible for the article, Breitbart reported were both formerly employed at the far-Left outlet The Texas Tribune, according to their online bios.

SOUTHCOM claimed that the cancellation was due to an attempt to “prevent the appearance of copyright infringement,” adding, “the film is currently available to view at local theaters, and personnel and their families who would like to see the film are encouraged to do so.”

The Left’s trepidation over exposing human trafficking is eye-opening 

At the end of the day, stopping human trafficking should not be a controversial issue. 

Yet, many on the Left often refuse to discuss this horrifying institution. 

The Left’s inability to secure the southern border, combined with their tolerance of crime shows that many on the Left are not serious about ending human trafficking. 

The Sound of Freedom depicts the human trafficking industry for what most agree it is – nothing short of pure evil. 

Every American should see this movie, especially those who have the power to demand changes to the law to stop the atrocity of human trafficking down the line. 

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