Joe Biden went off the deep end as White House ejects reporters from “UFO” briefing circus

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden’s term as President keeps taking increasingly strange turns.

Now he may have finally gone completely off the deep end.

Because the Biden regime just ejected reporters from the White House’s “UFO” briefing circus.

Joe Biden may have popped China’s spy balloon in the end, but it threw his entire administration into absolute chaos.

After letting a spy balloon from China make a leisurely meandering trip over the United States—from Montana to South Carolina—before finally shooting it down over the Atlantic Ocean, the Biden regime kicked into gear. Sorta.

Pretty soon the Department of Defense was shooting down all kinds of possible targets then scrambling to not provide any sort of meaningful information to members of the media.

In the course of a week, they had advanced from calling whatever they shot down “unidentified flying objects” to referring to them as “aerial objects.”

Of course, that came after Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre assured journalists that “there is no—again, no—indication of aliens or extraterrestrial activity with these recent takedowns.”

But rather than finally provide a dose of truth strong enough to satisfy curious minds, the administration decided it was time to opt for suppression of the press.
Reporters not “pre-credentialed” got booted

That included hand picking reporters who would get booted out of a briefing room before the President finally addressed the issue.

Less than an hour before the scheduled briefing reporters were informed they needed a “pre-credentialed” pass to take part in the briefing.

That appeared to many a thinly-veiled trick to ditch certain members of the media—all from conservative news outlets.

“The email indicating who had been ‘pre-credentialed’ had been sent out while reporters were being escorted to the auditorium, and a handful of reporters were asked to leave and wait in the hallway until they could be escorted back to the White House,” the Daily Caller reported.

Reporters selected to be booted from the briefing included the Daily Caller, the New York Post, and Fox News Radio.

They were informed that there wasn’t enough space even though there were plenty of chairs for everyone present.

“The New York Post’s Steven Nelson refused to leave the room after being asked repeatedly by White House staff, pointing out that there was plenty of space for everyone,” the Daily Caller reported. “Other reporters in the room applauded his comebacks, and staffers eventually let him stay.”

For all the fuss they made over it, the briefing itself was remarkably lame with Biden refusing to answer any questions after he delivered his prepared remarks.

However, Nelson managed to lob one jab that hit its mark.

“Is your ability to deal with China compromised by your family’s business relations in China?” Nelson shouted.

“Give me a break, man,” Biden muttered as he stalked out of the room.

“Come to my office and ask a question, we can have more polite people,” Biden added as he left.

Clearly, those “polite” reporters won’t include anyone committed to maintaining the freedom of the press or doing the title of “journalist” justice.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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