Joe Biden was humiliated when this massive media collusion was brought to light

Joe Biden’s failing regime has been propped up with the help of Big Tech.

With his mental decline, they’re going to be working overtime.

And he was humiliated when this massive media collusion was brought to light.

Joe Biden’s unprecedented weakness as President has plunged the world into chaos.

With American leadership abroad at a low point, Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine.

Biden has been leading from the rear completely botching the U.S. response.

As his regime tries to get a handle on the situation, they’ve teamed up with the corporate-controlled media and Big Tech to try to spin this failure as success.

In their damage control efforts, the White House is coordinating with “influencers” on the Chinese spyware app TikTok.

TikTok is closely tied to the Chinese Communist government and has been accused of collecting massive amounts of data for the Communists. 

Regime mouthpiece Jen Psaki and National Security Council special communications adviser Matt Miller briefed 30 TikTok influencers about the regime’s response to the Ukrainian crisis.

The goal was to push the regime’s messaging on the crisis to younger Americans and combat “misinformation.”

The New York Post reports that “The topics reportedly broached included America’s strategic goals in Eastern Europe, how the US would respond to nuclear escalation by Russia, and how millions of dollars in aid were being distributed to Ukrainians affected by the war.”

White House Director of Digital Strategy Rob Flaherty said that the regime recognized that “TikTok ‘is a critically important avenue’ for much of the American public — especially Gen Z — to find out about news.” 

Many of the influencers didn’t deal with current events on their TikToks.

One influencer, 18 year old Ellie Zelier, is famous for makeup tutorials and dancing.

Part of the goal of this “important” summit was combatting Russian misinformation over Ukraine.

Of course, Jen Psaki found time to push her own misinformation on the 2016 election.

She said, “then in 2016, when they (Russia), you know, of course, hacked our election here.”

Of course, if a Conservative questioned an election on TikTok or any other Big Tech platform they would be censored.

Ukrainian-born TikToker, Jules Suzdaltsev, wasn’t impressed with the regime’s efforts.

He said officials ducked tough questions and said “The energy of the call felt like a press briefing for kindergarteners.”

While the Biden regime is watching the world burn, they apparently can make time for makeup influencers.

Meanwhile, Biden has been avoiding the press during the crisis and outsourced a trip to Europe to Kamala Harris.

This embarrassing stunt shows what a disaster Biden’s leadership is.

Even liberal Saturday Night Live took a rare shot at Biden over the embarrassing debacle.

TikTok which is popular with younger Americans, has become a widely-mocked part of the regime’s messaging strategy.

Earlier, TikTokers were used to push vaccines on younger Americans.

It appears Biden will look anywhere to find people to push his message. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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