Joe Biden was furious when Big Tech and conservatives teamed up for this humiliating defeat

Joe Biden is a vain, thin-skinned politician.

He couldn’t believe his eyes at this Big Tech betrayal. 

And Biden was furious when Big Tech and conservatives teamed up for this humiliating defeat.

Things are not going well for Joe Biden these days while his Presidency circles the drain.

The country is a mess and even Democrats appear ready to pull the plug on his disastrous presidency.

Biden’s advanced aged and clear mental decline are raising serious questions about his fitness for office.

One of his frequent weekend trips to his home state of Delaware put this question on full display for the world to see.

Last month Joe Biden was biking near his vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware when he rode up to a group of supporters filming him.

Biden came to a stop on his bike and proceeded to fall right off of it in humiliating fashion.

Conservatives on social media were quick to point out this spectacular wipeout was a good metaphor for the Biden Presidency.

Now a conservative social media account, Old Row Viral, commemorated Biden’s humiliating fall in epic fashion.

On Google Maps a historical landmark was created at the intersection where Biden fell off of his bike called Brandon Falls.

Brandon is a reference to the “Let’s Go Brandon” craze that spread like wildfire after a journalist claimed that a NASCAR crowd clearly chanting “F- Joe Biden” was chanting “Let’s go Brandon” to victorious driver Brandon Brown.

Almost immediately after the landmark was created, positive reviews from Google users began pouring in.

The Brandon Falls landmark picked up 200 reviews on Google Map with users giving it a 4.9-star review out a possible five.

“Very nice place to ride a bike,” Shawn Ruby wrote as a Google Maps review. “Just be careful not to cause too much inflation in your tires or you can end up crashing your whole bike into the ground. But if that happens, just blame Putin. People will ‘fall’ for it!”

“Road was too bumpy, and reminded me of the problems we still face for two more years.” another user wrote.

Brandon Falls went viral on social media as conservatives joined in on the mockery.

Surprisingly Google didn’t immediately step in to shut down this hilarious prank of Biden unlike their usual censorship to protect him.

The landmark was allowed to stay up for nearly a day before Google redirected the location “Brandon falls, Road 300, Lewes, DE” to a nearby house.

Eventually the location was deleted from Google Maps likely at the behest of Biden officials.

This became the latest social media craze to capitalize on Biden face planting on his bike.

Old Row Viral, who created the Google landmark, started a trend of “Bidening” where users take pictures of themselves after falling off their bike.

The Brandon Falls landmark became one of the rare instances of Big Tech backfiring on Joe Biden. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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