Joe Biden was blindsided when Republicans made a move against this Big Tech abuse

Joe Biden is letting Big Tech run wild under his watch. 

He never saw this surprising move coming.

And he was blindsided when Republicans made a move against this Big Tech abuse.

Big Tech has turned into an arm of the Democrat Party with its one-sided censorship against conservatives.

They managed to nearly wipe the sitting president of the United States off of the internet with their purge of Donald Trump.

While conservative politicians are being banned left and right, Big Tech is engaging in brazen hypocrisy.

Donald Trump is banned for being a “danger” to the country but America’s enemies from around the globe have a home on Big Tech to spew anti-American propaganda.

Big Tech willingly gives a platform to avowed enemies of the country like the Ayatollah of Iran.

The Communist government of China has been eager to take advantage of Big Tech’s welcome mat to use social media platforms to push anti-American propaganda.

Desperate to get a crack at the massive Chinese market, Big Tech companies are more than happy to let top communist officials use their platforms to subvert the country.

The House Republican Study Committee led by Indiana Congressman Jim Banks is making a move to end this cozy relationship between Big Tech and top Chinese officials.

Committee member Rep. Brian Mast introduced the “China Social Media Reciprocity Act” that would impose sanctions on social media platforms that give accounts to senior officials associated with the Chinese Communist Party.

The sanctions would be waived if the President can prove that the Chinese government has “verifiably removed prohibitions on officials of the U.S. government from accessing, using, or participating in social media platforms in China.”

Major American social media platforms are banned in China in favor of heavily censored local platforms approved by the Communist government.

American politicians or any foreigner critical of the communist government are prohibited from these tightly controlled social media sites.

Now the shoe would be on the other foot with Communist officials’ access to American social media platforms cut off.

“Freedom always wins over tyranny, and the Chinese Communist Party knows it.  That’s why they’ve taken drastic steps to keep American ideas off of their social platforms,” Mast told Fox News.  “This bill is about leveling the playing field.”

“Chinese officials should not be allowed to spew propaganda on U.S.-based social media sites while actively blocking the free flow of ideas on their own sites,” Mast added.

Jim Banks slammed the hypocrisy of Big Tech enabling Chinese officials.

“China bans its own citizens from using Twitter and Facebook, but Chinese Communist Party officials still use those platforms to push their propaganda abroad,” Banks said. He noted Big Tech “has enthusiastically censored conservative politicians in America, but refused to lift a finger against Communist Party officials who’ve spread actual COVID disinformation and even genocide denial on their platforms.”

“There’s a staggering amount of hypocrisy from all involved,” Banks concluded.

China using Big Tech as a bullhorn for their propaganda could be coming to an end if House Republicans get their way.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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