Joe Biden unleashed Merrick Garland to do something truly terrifying

The Biden administration has morphed into an authoritarian regime.

And Joe Biden just swore allegiance from the Department of Justice as his own Stasi.

Now, he’s unleashed Merrick Garland to do something truly terrifying.

For all his faults, Mitch McConnell deserves credit for keeping Merrick Garland off the Supreme Court.

Like Joe Biden in 2020, Garland was sold to the public as a moderate.

But unfortunately, McConnell put up almost zero fight when Joe Biden appointed Garland as Attorney General.

Ever since, Biden and Garland are both showing that their “moderate” label was unfounded.

And Biden has unleashed Garland and the Department of Justice to run wild with some truly cowboy behavior.

To spice up the Democrats’ underwhelming January 6th hearings, the FBI frog-marched former Trump DOJ official Jeffrey Clark out of his home in pajamas last week. 

Clark was set to be a central figure in Democrats’ kangaroo court production the day following, with the FBI raid serving to backstop up their criminal characterization of the high-ranking Trump administration official. 

Clark appeared on Tucker Carlson to explain the Stasi tactics being employed by the DOJ.

Clark wasn’t the only person swept up in the latest round of punitive raids during Democrats’ seemingly limitless scoped J6 with hunt.

Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael McDonald had his electronic devices seized by the FBI last week as well.

Timcast News reported that “Michael McDonald was served with a search warrant on June 22. FBI agents seized his cellphone as part of an investigation of false electoral certificates, which were reportedly sent to the federal government alongside the state’s six official electoral certificates. The Nevada Republican Party signed six non-legally binding documents during a ceremony on December 14, 2020 to show their support for President Donald Trump. The ceremony was held as the state government held the official tally to determine the state’s electoral vote distribution. None of the people who took part were official electors for Nevada.”

In other words, Democrats are searching for anything that’s politically damaging for Republicans, yet they still have not come close to proving their case that Trump orchestrated an insurrection.

It’s been known for 15 months that Trump did not send “insurrectionists” into the Capitol to overthrow the U.S. government, but that’s the argument that Democrats have been making.

And that has been used as the impetus to lock Americans away in solitary confinement for that long who’ve been found guilty of no crime, on charges that amount to little more petty misdemeanors, while the FBI continues to target anybody with tangential connections to Trump.

Garland’s criminal actions as head of the DOJ don’t stop there.

In addition to the Trump witch hunt, in unprecedented fashion, he has been going after journalists, and parents of school-aged children who dared speak out about the curriculum Democrats are pushing in their kids’ schools.

The parents who protested at school board meetings have been treated like, and even declared, domestic terrorists by the FBI.

Meanwhile, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe and journalists from the organization had their homes raided for allegedly stealing Ashley Biden’s diary, which they did not.

The raid was so shocking, even liberal journalists and the ACLU begrudgingly came to O’Keefe’s defense.

The Democrats will do anything to silence their critics and hold onto power. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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