Joe Biden tapped Al Sharpton for a plot that will have you seeing red

Joe Biden and his hatchetman Attorney General Merrick Garland have made it clear what they think of Americans.

Biden’s regime hasn’t stopped at declaring political opposition “domestic terrorists.”  

And the regime just tapped Al Sharpton for a plot that will have you seeing red.

One of the silver linings of the COVID-19 pandemic was that leftists’ overreach led to a great awakening by American parents. 

When those parents decided to stand up for their kids, the Biden administration called them “domestic terrorists.”  

Now, President Joe Biden’s latest effort to silence parents will have you seeing red. 

While their kids were “remote learning” American parents got to see the Critical Race Theory and Queer Theory propaganda presented by so-called “teachers.” 

Alarmed, those parents rushed to school board meetings across the country to express their concerns. 

For their efforts, last year, President Joe Biden’s Attorney General labeled concerned parents as “domestic terrorists.”

Now, the Biden Admin is launching the Orwellian-named National Parents and Family Engagement Council (NPFEC). 

With a name like that, the NPFEC sounds like it would be looking out for parental rights, right? 


According to a report from the Washington Examiner, the purpose of the Council is supposedly to help parents and families engage with their local schools and districts.

However, the NPFEC is made up of Black Lives Matter, Critical Race Theory and Queer Theory leaders. 

The Washington Examiner reports Al Sharpton’s National Action Network is one of the participants, along with several other groups affiliated with Black Lives Matter.

The inclusion of pro-BLM groups in an effort that is supposed to help parents is interesting, considering BLM supports the abolition of the nuclear family. 

Biden’s Department of Education claims the Council “will reflect the diversity of the educational system.” 

But the truth is, 80% of the leaders of the Council groups have donated to President Biden or to other Democrats.

Washington Examiner reporter Mary Vought says this is just the latest slap in the face to parents from the President and his team. 

“By this point, parents shouldn’t be shocked at the lengths to which the Biden administration is willing to go to cut them out of the picture,” Vought wrote in her piece. “The Left’s war on parents started years ago and accelerated during the COVID pandemic.”

Making matters even worse, the NPFEC is operating under the cloak of darkness. 

According to Vought’s article, the Council has met in secret.

This would be a violation of transparency requirements under the Federal Advisory Committee Act. 

Vought reports a group of pro-parent organizations has had to sue the Biden administration in an effort to learn more about the make-up and practices of the secretive, radical NPFEC.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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