Joe Biden might go into hiding after Mark Levin launched this blistering attack

Few know the art of infuriating leftists quite like Mark Levin.

He knows exactly how to destroy them with cold hard facts.

And Joe Biden might go into hiding after Mark Levin launched this blistering attack.

Mark Levin is one of the sharpest minds in conservative media.

While many hosts often get loud and angry at the insane things the Left is doing, he generally keeps a cool head and explains exactly how they are wrong.

That’s why nobody on the Left wants to debate him.

But he couldn’t help but lose his cool during a recent broadcast of his show when he spoke about Afghanistan.

He first focused his anger on General Mark Milley:

“General Milley, I have this hanging on my office wall,” Levin said, before asking, “You know who this is? This is George S. Patton. You’re no George S. Patton, General Milley. How many Anne Franks are there tonight in Afghanistan? How many Anne Franks are hiding in cellars all across that country today? I want to talk about the people left behind. Not the 124,000 who’d been evacuated to safety. I want to talk about the millions who now have had genocide unleashed upon them. And before Joe Biden became President of the United States were living mostly in peace and mostly in safety.”

He then went on to hit Biden officials who are pushing “propaganda” to rewrite history on Afghanistan, in particular hitting them for justifying Americans being left behind in Afghanistan.

Levin yelled, “No Commander-in-Chief has ever ordered any general to leave citizens behind! What about these children and these women? What about the Afghan allies, the men who fought next to us firefight after firefight?”

That’s when he turned his frustration directly to Biden, smacking him down with a righteous rant that every American should hear:

“Joe Biden lied to us over and over and over again. This is a humiliation for our country. It is part of our history that can never be wiped away. And I feel so horrible for our American troops, our real soldiers who would not have tolerated this, but for General Austin and General Milley and all the rest of them, and most of all Joe Biden, you have blood on your hands for the rest of your life.”

Mark Levin thoroughly destroyed Joe Biden for his many failures.
And Biden deserves every minute of it.

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