Joe Biden just teed up the crisis to usher in the Left’s most bone-chilling power grab yet

Joe Biden never lets a crisis go to waste.

He’s trying to grab as much power as he can for Big Government.

And Joe Biden just teed up the crisis to usher in the Left’s most bone-chilling power grab yet.

Democrats are hell-bent on herding as many of us as possible into inner-cities and crushing any ability of independent-minded Americans to ever go “off grid” again. 

They’re putting the wheels in motion to bring that nightmare to reality.

And after the pandemic turned out to be one of the biggest political power grabs in history, they believe the have the perfect playbook to make it so.

Under the threat of the virus, the government began controlling the actions of people in an unprecedented way.

Simple things like getting a haircut or going to the beach became illegal.

Soviet-style restrictions on freedom of movement became commonplace throughout America.

Unfortunately, millions of Americans followed the Fauci cult like sheep.

The “temporary” emergency restrictions under “two weeks to stop the spread” turned into a never-ending emergency.

This massive government overreach set the precedent for using an emergency to take away basic freedoms in the name of a crisis.

Now, the Left wants “Climate” lockdowns, and they’re calling “climate change” the next crisis that demands unprecedented political power grabs.

The environmental wackos on the Left celebrated the decline in carbon emissions as a major benefit of the pandemic.

Now, the same model of tyrannical pandemic restrictions could be applied under “Climate” lockdowns.

Global elites are already pushing the narrative that “climate change” is the biggest threat facing the country and now it’s time for “Climate” lockdowns.

The Red Cross has proclaimed it a greater threat than the pandemic and the UN says it’s “the biggest threat modern humans ever faced.”

Bill Gates said that “climate change” will be worse than the pandemic and drastic measures need to be taken.

They claim it’s an existential emergency with the planet only ten years away from the end of the world.

Of course, they’ve been claiming we’re ten years away from climate doom since the 1970s.

The only solution to this “crisis” is draconian reductions in energy use and standard of living for average Americans.

The science journal Nature says pandemic lockdowns have prepared Americans for “personal carbon allowances.”

They claim the pandemic opened the door to loss of freedoms “that were unthinkable only one year before.”

Americans are conditioned to be “more prepared to accept the tracking and limitations” now so elites can “achieve a safer climate.”

Already in India, the capital city of New Delhi is using “Climate” lockdowns under the guise of battling pollution.

With the precedent set for citizens giving up freedom for a “crisis” the switch could be flipped again to lockdown for a “climate crisis.”

Big Tech has already started to censor anyone who questions the narrative on climate change and the left smears them as “climate deniers.”

In fact, tucked away in the Biden infrastructure bill is a measure to track cars by GPS allegedly for exploring a mileage tax.

Of course, just like COVID rules, they would be for the little people.

With the precedent already set to abuse freedom in the name of most any “safety” crisis, the globalists have a playbook ready made for their authoritarian goals.

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