Joe Biden just attacked dead veterans with a sickening attack on America

Joe Biden’s entire agenda is about hating America. 

He wants you to believe America has been and continues to be a racist despicable country.

And Biden just attacked dead veterans with a sickening attack on America. 

In the last few years, the radical Left has been launching constant attacks on America. 

They have kneeled during the National Anthem, burned the American flag, and called for death to America.

These are the people Biden courted during his campaign for President, even staging kneeling photo ops on the campaign trail. 

And since getting into office he has weakened the U.S. military, demanding the removal of anybody he considers a “right-wing extremist,” which is essentially people who support Donald Trump. 

But none of his attacks have been as direct as his latest one. 

Every year the group AMVETS holds a Rolling to Remember motorcycle ride in Washington, D.C. to honor POW/MIA veterans. 

The group submitted permit requests and petitions for the event to several federal agencies.

According to a press release from Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), “AMVETS received approval from the Department of Transportation, the Department of Interior, and multiple other state and local authorities.”

But in a shocking turn, the Biden-run Pentagon rescinded a permit to AMVETS after previously granting it in March.

They didn’t even give the group an explanation for rescinding the permit. 

“There are no options with as much space and convenient routes to the memorials, meaning it will be more difficult, disruptive, and expensive than if the Pentagon parking lots were available,” said Joe Chenelly, the national executive director of AMVETS.

“The administration included AMVETS in this new group as ‘a trusted voice in communities across the United States,’ but the Pentagon wouldn’t have a conversation with us to share their concerns and give us the chance to address them before deciding to refuse our application,” Chenelly added.

In previous years, the motorcycle ride, formerly known as Rolling Thunder, used parking spaces at the Pentagon for pre-ride staging without issue. 

Rep. Issa blasted the Biden Administration for the move.

“The Biden Administration is making a terrible mistake by blocking a veteran’s charity from the use of the Pentagon parking lot for the Rolling to Remember POW/MIA remembrance motorcycle ride,” Issa said in a statement. “This last-minute rejection, a first of its kind in more than 30 years, leaves patriotic veterans without a safe alternative.”

This is a disgraceful attack on American veterans who gave everything for their country.

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