Joe Biden is working on delivering this punch in the gut to every homeowner

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Joe Biden is trying to fundamentally transform the country with his extreme agenda. 

Now he’s trying to make everyone’s lives more miserable in the name of fighting climate change.

And Joe Biden is working on delivering this punch in the gut to every homeowner. 

Joe Biden declares war on household appliances 

President Joe Biden is hellbent on eliminating the use of fossil fuels to reduce carbon emissions.

His administration is trying to electrify everything from vehicles down to household appliances.

A controversy broke out last year when Consumer Product Safety Commission Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. – who is the son of Biden-allied former AFL-CIO Big Labor honcho Richard Trumka – said in an interview with Bloomberg that a ban on gas stoves was “on the table” because he falsely claimed they were health hazards.

The Biden administration began backpedaling after outrage over a gas stove poured in and prominent Democrats like First Lady Jill Biden were pictured using them.

His Energy Department called a gas stove ban a “myth” and “misinformation” despite Trumka’s interview.

Now the Biden administration is gunning to ban gas stoves and every other house appliance that’s powered by gas.

The Energy Department is pushing “building electrification” to replace fossil-powered appliances with electric ones.

Institute for Energy Research senior fellow Dan Kish told the Daily Caller News Foundation that electrification is another government power grab.

“The whole ‘building electrification’ effort is part of the centralized control impulse of people who gravitate to government or stand to cash in on the latest fad, irrespective of its costs or impacts on regular Americans,” Kish said. “It’s also part of the ‘electrify everything’ agenda of planners and masterminds.”

“The U.S. established a Constitutional Republic to limit government control, and yet control freaks want to tell us how to live by expanding the government’s reach,” Kish added.

The Energy Department is trying to electrify everything 

Biden’s Energy Department wants to eliminate greenhouse emissions to curb climate change.

To that it’s pushing electric vehicles, regulating power companies, and trying to electrify household appliances.

The Biden administration announced that natural gas would be banned in newly constructed federal buildings by 2030.

Alliance for Consumers executive director O.H. Skinner said that the Biden administration is creating a de facto ban on gas stoves through regulation.

 “Basically, they’re saying, ‘We’re not banning gas stoves, we’re just pushing broad housing efficiency and building code standards for health and safety that make it nearly impossible for normal consumers or businesses to access products they may want, but we’re not banning anything,’” Skinner explained.

Skinner said that building electrification is like Biden’s electric vehicle mandate. 

“I think a good example that applies to the spirit of the green buildings agenda is the fuel efficiency standards for vehicles,” Skinner said. “Bureaucrats say, ‘We’re not trying to ban gas powered cars, but we are going to impose efficiency standards that can only be met if the vast majority of cars sold are electric cars.’”

“So, in theory, you can still, right now, get a gas powered car, but they are making it so that that access is not going to be actually possible for everyday people, just an elite and ever-shrinking few,” Skinner added.

Joe Biden wants to make everyone’s life even more expensive and less convenient.

Under the guise of supposedly fighting climate change, Joe Biden is making everyone’s life even more expensive and less convenient.

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