Joe Biden is trying purge conservatives with this absolutely infuriating move

Joe Biden has always been a thin-skinned, vain politician.

With his regime a total failure he’s more defensive than ever.

And he’s trying to purge conservatives with this absolutely infuriating move.

The Biden regime is doing everything it can to remove its critics from government.

The military has long been the most conservative leaning part of government.

President Trump had some of his strongest support from members of the armed forces.

Now, Biden administration Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is making a move that could purge Trump supporters from the military.

The Pentagon released new rules prohibiting service members from engaging in “extremism.”

The Pentagon used active and former military members’ involvment  in January 6 as the excuse for the changes .

Defense Secretary Austin made removing “extremists” one of his first priorities on the job.

Now liking, sharing or posting so-called “extremist content” on social media is now a banned activity.

What’s considered extremist content isn’t defined and left up to the judgement of commanders.

The vague definition of extremism will allow  “woke” Biden officials to police soldier’s opinions. 

This opens the door for service members who supported Trump or questioned the 2020 election to potentially be punished just for merely liking a social media post.

The move comes after a Pentagon report that of the two million armed service members, less than 100 had ties to so-called extremism groups.

Former Trump Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell blasted the move saying, “What this is really about is that Biden and the Democrats are demanding there be no dissent in the military – just like they’ve done on college campuses.”

The move comes after Democrats demanded that National Guard members who worked Joe Biden’s inauguration be screened for ties to so-called extremism. 

With the Biden regime’s “woke” makeover of the military this is yet another step to undermine the security of the country.

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