Joe Biden is terrified about litigation filed by one of his allies that threatens to lay bare all of his worst activities

Scandals dot Joe Biden’s lawless Presidency like monkeypoxed faces at a blue state pride parade.

But a lawsuit filed by one of his supposed allies has him cranking up his violent rhetoric against conservatives.

Because he’s scared stiff this litigation filed by one of allies will lay bare all of his worst activities.

Joe Biden’s administration is staring down the barrel off a lawsuit from the left-leaning Brennan Center. 

The Brennan Center filed the suit over papers suggesting that the Department of Homeland Security used artificial intelligence tools and algorithms to illegally snoop on American citizens’ social media posts.

“The agency’s expanded use of social media monitoring tools will heighten existing risks to privacy and to freedom of speech, expression, and association, affecting Americans, immigrants, and foreign travelers while making scant contributions to national security,” the Brennan Center’s Rachel Levinson-Waldman and José Guillermo Gutiérrez declared.

The Brennan Center filed the case to obtain access to documents describing the connections between Homeland Security and ShadowDragon, Voyager Labs, and Logically Inc.

Three businesses—Logically Inc., Voyager Labs, and ShadowDragon—create artificial intelligence software for the Department of Homeland Security that scans social media posts for “threats” using a sophisticated algorithm.

Along with receiving $60 billion for Homeland Security, the Pentagon will also use it to monitor social media for “threats.”

“National security agencies and officials have an interest in social media monitoring too. The Department of Defense last year said it planned to spend nearly $60 million on its Influence Campaign Awareness and Sensemaking program to make algorithms and gather tweets, memes, blog posts, and political ads. The goal is to provide tools to create an ‘early warning’ of foreign influence, according to the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency,” the Washington Times reported.

This is a really significant case.

In order to give the FBI permission to target parents who demonstrated at school board meetings as “domestic terrorists,” Attorney General Merrick Garland previously collaborated behind the scenes with left-leaning organizations.

The lawsuit comes amidst the recent revelations from Facebook/Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg that seemingly confirmed the FBI’s collusion with social media platforms to kill the Hunter Biden laptop story ahead of the 2020 election.

Now anyone who opposes the Democrats is demonized as a “domestic extremist” and a white supremacist.

And the Biden regime is calling Conservatives “MAGAT [SIC] terrorists,” following the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s home.

The FBI and Justice Department, along with Big Tech have been transformed into the Democrat Party’s partisan speech enforcers.

And now it seems Joe Biden has weaponized artificial intelligence algorithms to better collude with Big Tech and drop the hammer on the “threats” he sees from every American who dares oppose or critique his agenda online.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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