Joe Biden is sweating bullets that Elon Musk’s “Twitter coup” might engulf another social media giant

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Leftist Silicon Valley titans crossed too many lines over the last few years, sparking Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter.

Now more shake ups are happening as the tech economy sputters.

And Joe Biden is sweating bullets that Elon Musk’s “Twitter coup” might engulf another social media giant.

YouTube used to be the home of videos created by amateurs purely for entertainment purposes.

But like many tech giants, it’s faced a wave of criticism over its alleged censorship of conservatives on the platform.

Now the executive who guided YouTube over the last decade is leaving the company.

YouTube CEO heads for the exit door, leaving behind a legacy of censorship many claim

After nine-years in charge of YouTube, CEO Susan Wojcicki announced she’s leaving the largest video-streaming service in the world.

“I’ve decided to step back from my role as the head of YouTube and start a new chapter focused on my family, health, and personal projects I’m passionate about,” Wojcicki said. “The time is right for me, and I feel able to do this because we have an incredible leadership team in place at YouTube. When I joined YouTube nine years ago, one of my first priorities was bringing in an incredible leadership team.”

Ironically, she took to Twitter to make the announcement.

Back in April 2020, Wojcicki notoriously made it clear on then-CNN host Brian Stelter’s “Reliable Sources” podcast, that YouTube would censor anything that went contrary to World Health Organization’s (WHO) guidance.

Will her successor be any better, or even worse?

But before conservatives get too excited about Wojcicki’s exit, her replacement may not be any more committed to free speech than she was.

YouTube’s Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan will step up as the social media platform’s new Chief Executive.

Mohan’s team helped launch YouTube Music, YouTube TV, YouTube Premium, and YouTube Shorts – Google’s attempt to mimic TikTok.

He also worked on adding revenue streams for creators, such as Super Chat, Super Stickers, and channel memberships.

But now that he will head up the entire company, and not just production, users will soon see if Mohan leads YouTube in a new free speech friendly direction – or does he continue where Wojcicki left off virtue signaling to the Left and censoring the Right?

Wojcicki added that she’ll continue to work with the company and coach the company’s members.

Darkest before dawn?

It’s worth noting that Musk’s takeover of Twitter came after company co-founder and long-time CEO Jack Dorsey left the company in late 2021.

And censorship seemingly tightened at Twitter under Dorsey’s replacement, Parag Agrawal.

But it ultimately backfired, clearing the way for Elon Musk to purchase the company.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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