Joe Biden is panicking after this massive collusion with Big Tech was exposed

Joe Biden built his career on navigating clear of well-founded allegations of flat-out corruption that have followed him for decades.

But with Biden’s mental capacities slipping, one jaw-dropping new ethics violation might be about to rip open the hull of his career.

And Joe Biden is panicking after this massive collusion with Big Tech was exposed.

Joe Biden has never behaved like the squeaky-clean moderate he’s been portrayed as by the corporate-controlled press.

From Chinese Communist Party-linked businessmen and Ukrainian renewable energy mobsters to Big Labor and Big Tech grifters, Joe Biden is a creature of the Washington, D.C. Swamp.

But newly-leaked Inspector General documents show Big Tech’s tendrils reach further inside the White House than anyone suspected.

POLITICO reported that “a foundation controlled by Eric Schmidt, the multi-billionaire former CEO of Google, has played an extraordinary, albeit private, role in shaping the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy over the past year…Schmidt maintained a close relationship with the president’s former science adviser, Eric Lander, and other Biden appointees.”

According to internal emails obtained by POLITICO and interviews with current and former staff members, Schmidt’s “charity arm, Schmidt Futures, indirectly paid the salaries of two science-office employees, including, for six weeks, that of the current chief of staff, Marc Aidinoff, who is now one of the most senior officials in the office.”

What’s more, the chief innovation officer at Schmidt Futures, Tom Kalil, is not only a former OSTP employee but also remained on Schmidt’s payroll while working as an unpaid consultant at the White House science office before he left following ethics complaints.

This is just one example of the cozy relationship between a big industry and the government.

Schmidt Futures foundation-linked Office of Science and Technology (OSTP) employees in the White House science office appeared most interested in the OSTP’s work governing artificial intelligence and data analytics, specifically seeking to influence any efforts to tamp down “algorithmic discrimination in the use of artificial intelligence.” 

That is to say, Schmidt appeared most concerned with anything that might threaten Big Tech’s ability to silence Americans anytime it wishes via algorithm.

Of course, Big Tech censors and silences people who are problematic for the establishment, and in return, the government awards Big Tech companies special privileges and access.

Progressives in Big Tech and the government share the belief that they can fix society if they could just work around that pesky Constitution.

Barack Obama, Justin Trudeau, and other globalist world leaders have openly praised the Chinese Communist Party’s style of top-down authoritarian rule.

Many tech titans have the exact same authoritarian mindset.

POLITICO added that “Schmidt has long sought to influence federal science policy, dating back to his close ties to the Obama administration. While his spokespeople presented his efforts to help Biden as part of Schmidt Futures’ mission to ‘focus and mobilize these networks of talent to solve specific problems in science and society,’ his foundation’s involvement in funding positions for specific figures raised repeated red flags from internal White House watchdogs.”

As more of society transitions online, the incestuous links between the government and Big Tech will loom larger on the American people.

Conservatives are correctly skeptical of Big Tech regulation, but it must be pointed out that these companies are already working as extensions of the government.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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