Joe Biden is about to take a wrecking ball to the country with one disturbing financial development straight out of Revelation

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The Democrat Party has become a hard-left globalist party.

The Biden regime has made it clear they are working on a bone-chilling final design for the economy.

And now, Biden is prepared to take a wrecking ball to the country with one disturbing financial development straight out of Revelation.

When Richard Nixon opened up the West to China, the thought would be that classical liberal values would spread to the communist country.

But in the 50 years since, the West has become more like communist China than vice versa.

Prominent globalist politicians and Big Tech mavens have openly expressed that CCP-style governance is the model for the future.

China has already implemented a social credit system, which restricts citizens’ freedom of movement and other daily functions.

And the United States and other Western nations are itching to do the same.

Warnings signs mount that the Biden Treasury Department’s “architectures for CBDC” will bring full-scale authoritarianism

That is one reason why Joe Biden and other global elites are eager to implement central bank digital currency (CBDC).

If CBDC were fully implemented, it would be one horrifying step toward global totalitarianism.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have become popular in recent years because they serve as a hedge against inflation and dollar manipulation, and they allow for a certain amount of private commerce.

If CBDCs were implemented, then all financial transactions would be traced by the federal government, and it would be almost impossible to compile hard assets.

And it gets even worse.

In a 2022 report, the Treasury Department stated, “There are two general architectures for CBDC intermediation: (1) a single-tier (i.e., direct) CBDC with the central bank, and (2) a two-tier CBDC where intermediaries (potentially banks or nonbank financial intermediaries) would onboard and manage payments while the central bank records account balances.”

That means the federal government would have ultimate control over your money one way or another.

The ramifications of this are quite clear; the federal government would have the capacity to track and control all transactions.

All the government would need is a predicate to seize people’s money, and that is not difficult to imagine.

That’s precisely what Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did when froze funds intended for the trucker convoy protesting vaccine mandates.

“Misinformation” and “disinformation” would be other justifications for turning off or flagging someone’s money.

Accusing someone of being a Russian agent without evidence could be another justification.

There is no telling how nightmarish the authoritarian control would be if CBDCs were completely implemented.

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