Joe Biden could not conceal his excitement after overseas officials made this troubling move

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Countries all across the globe will host elections this year, determining the future of their respective nations. 

The powers that be have pumped, and will continue to pump, massive resources to help them hold onto power. 

And Joe Biden could not conceal his excitement after overseas officials made this troubling move. 

The European Union just established a framework that concerns voters across the globe 

Elections will take place later this year in countries across the world, namely in the United States and the European Union. 

Officials in the E.U. and the United States have taken drastic measures to ensure that they hold onto power. 

So-called “misinformation” prevention remains a key strategy for some of these officials, despite blowback from citizens who view such measures as government-sponsored censorship. 

Just recently, the E.U. unveiled a guiding framework that permits the establishment of what they call “Hybrid Rapid Response Teams.”

The purpose of these “Hybrid Rapid Response Teams” is to deter so-called “misinformation” by “drawing on relevant sectoral national and EU civilian and military expertise.”

Such “Hybrid Rapid Response Teams” would patrol so-called “misinformation” in all 27 member nations, as well as a handful of partner countries. 

In order for a country to utilize this program, it must first demonstrate a “misinformation” attack, which if approved would go to the “rapid response team” which would theoretically resolve the conflict.

In its framework, the E.U. explained the need for such programs, pointing to a “deteriorating security environment, increasing disinformation, cyber-attacks, attacks on critical infrastructure, and election interference by malign actors.”

Days after the E.U. unveiled this framework last week, the Republic of Ireland gleefully expressed interest. 

Officials at Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs welcomed the framework, stating that they will “now begin on operationalizing Ireland’s participation in this important initiative.”

Critics of this framework worry that the European Union will use these teams, which reportedly rely on “military expertise,” to limit their civil liberties. 

More specifically, many fear that the freedom of speech will be completely disregarded in these pursuits. 

Similar programs in Europe and America have previously come under fire for allegedly targeting people for voicing opinions that did not break any laws, or put anybody in harm’s way. 

The European Union has committed itself to preventing free speech 

In its recently released framework, the European Union double downed on limiting free speech in the name of “security.” 

The Irish government then rushed to accept this framework after facing years of criticism for allegedly censoring free speech throughout the Republic of Ireland. 

As this year’s elections inch closer, all eyes will be on the European Union and the United States to see how they execute these “misinformation prevention” frameworks. 

Many fear that these frameworks will be abused to benefit Joe Biden and other leftists across the Western world. 

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