Joe Biden and Democrats are ticked after Edward Snowden exposed their international deal cut on Americans’ private information

Edward Snowden made himself a thorn in “Permanent Washington’s” side in the Obama years.

Joe Biden and Democrats aren’t about to forgive him for it – especially after the latest drubbing he delivered on them.

Because now Snowden has Joe Biden and Democrats even more ticked after he exposed the international deal they cut on Americans’ private information.

One gutsy whistleblower is calling out Joe Biden for preparing to betray Americans yet again

Edward Snowden—who is still stuck taking cover in Russia—just dished on one insane international deal.

And if they get their way, Joe Biden and his Democrats will reach yet another agreement to share Americans’ private information.

In exile in Russia, where he now lives with his wife and two young sons, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden continues to be the biggest pain in the Washington, D.C. establishment’s side. 

He blew open some of the government’s biggest secrets when he leaked data from the NSA in 2013 proving that the federal government has an elaborate and extensive system in place to literally spy on every American. 

That move, predictably, made him enemy number one for the American political establishment and he had to hop around the world trying to secure asylum. 

Apparently, former KGB officer Vladimir Putin enjoyed the irony of offering more freedom—including freedom of speech—to an American citizen than he could get at home. 

Now Putin has made Snowden a Russian citizen taking refuge in an area that was hidden by the Soviet “iron curtain” when he was a child. 

While Snowden doesn’t dare set foot on American soil for fear he’ll be tried and convicted as a traitor, he’s continuing to taunt America’s political elite. 

Snowden exposes Biden’s new “privacy shield” surveillance scheme

His latest tweet is targeting the latest illegal Big Brother scheme world leaders are pushing. 

“Since learning of the NSA’s mass surveillance program, the EU’s top court has repeatedly ruled that the ‘data-sharing agreements’ which feed the beast are unlawful end-runs around our human rights,” Snowden wrote in a tweet. 

“But each time, the US just stamps another agreement,” he added, sharing a link to a Politico story about a “privacy shield executive order” Biden is expected to sign shortly. 

The new deal is supposed to address issues with how citizens’ privacy is being violated through transatlantic data transfers, but the reality is that it’s just one more blatant effort to maintain the status quo with basically no respect for the privacy of anyone. 

After all, leftist central planners are convinced they know how we should all lead our lives—and the more information they can get their hands on the better they can control everything from where we live to what we drive and even what we put in our mouths during each meal. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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